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MGFF 2010: The History of My Queer Career

In 2010 Queer Screen held a special screening: The History of My Queer Career. The following passage is the text from the program guide and a list of all the films screened.

In 2010 we honour the history of the world’s largest competition for locally produced LGBT short films. For more than a decade and a half, My Queer Career has unearthed the latest and greatest in Aussie queer filmmaking, and launched some impressive careers. This four-hour special event will feature highlights from the first decade of competition, including all-time audience favourites: Cousin by Adam Elliot, Exposed by Tony Ayres, Strap on Olympia by Cate Shortland, Urn by Milo Bilbrough, Tales from the Powder Room by Darren Burgess and 16 more Aussie queer classics.

Feb 13, 3pm, 2010, Palace Academy Twin


MQC Year Title Director Runtime Synopsis
2001 Burning Boy Kieran Galvin 13 A teenage boy kisses his best friend and pays for it with his life.
1999 Cousin Adam Elliot 4 The childhood rememberance of a cousin, his special arm, pet rocks and shopping trolley.
1997 Cow Girl Claudine Sartine 6 A western fantasy on the bus of dreams going to the Mardi Gras party.
n/a Exposed Tony Ayres 8 David Edwards is a photographer who has been taking photographs of naked men for the past eleven years. But in this film the lines are a bit blurred. Who is the exhibitionist and who is the voyeur
2007 Filled with Water Elka Kerkhofs 5 Anoka feels deep emptiness until she walks into a TV and her heart begins to glow for the ballerina inside. But she learns filling her heart can mean breaking it, when the one you love craves a stronger desire.
1998 Girl Talk Judith Cobb 6 When Elisa calls a lesbian phone sex line she intends to get into one of her fantasies. However, things go horribly wrong until the final climax.
2000 Heather Locklear Chocolate Stuart Vauvert 7 A boy, his life and a passion for nailpolish.
1998 Independently Blue Sarah Neal 11 The gay (and lesbian) ’20’s are brought to life as an elderly lesbian looks back at drugs, intrigue, misunderstandings and opportunities lost.
2001 Kicking On Jamie Browne 13 When you hear the rumour that one of your footy mates kissed a bloke outside the pub last night you know the shit’s about to hit the fan.
2003 Lillian & I Jonathan Wald 7 Year in and year out, Lillian teaches her music sudents the same boring piano scales, neglecting her own playing. Until one day Lillian’s piano can’t take it any more.
1995 Link Tim Slade 8 An exploration into the different types of families, be it queer, straight or whatever takes your fancy.
2007 Look Sharp Amy Gebhardt 9 After spending a drunken night together, Jo, a photographer, is compelled to capture the emotional truth beneath the rough exteriors of sharpie gang members, Darren and Jason. But to what lengths will she go in the name of art?
1994 The Pink Katherine Fry 8 Re-tells a fairy tale of a princess married to an inadequate prince.
n/a Resonance Stephen Cummins 11 Resonance is an exquisitely shot film about the nature of power and the relationship between homophobia and misogyny. Beginning with a gay bashing in the back streets of Sydney, the film uses gesture, dance and interior monologue to explore this act of violence as it resonates through the lives of the people involved: the “victim” and his “rescuer,” and the basher and his girlfriend.
1999 The Reunion Pip Newling 6 An adaptation of a short play by Alex Harding. The early morning conversations of a grieving man with his dead lover.
2002 Saturn’s Return Wenona Byrne 26 A road journey is also a journey of self-discovery, as two young gay men deal wth a parent’s impending death.
1996 Strap on Olympia Cate Shortland 12 A melodrama about a young woman who chooses to live her life as a prostitute, and seeks self-acceptance but not social approval.
2002 Tales from the Powder Room Darren Burgess 12 Lola Lick reminisces about times gone by and farewells sobriety, entering a spiralling abyss of alcohol, ulcer pills and floral hats.
1996 Urn Milo Bilbrough 6 A broken relationship is recalled through the use of poetry
2004 A Wonderful Day Robbie Baldwin 13 As the nation stands still to witness Cathy Freeman capture Olympic glory, a young gay man is in a race of his own.