Any Day Now

Any Day Now

USA | Director Travis Fine | 97 Minutes

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Renowned queer actor Alan Cumming gives one of his finest performances as Rudy, a struggling drag performer. After he takes home Paul, a closeted lawyer, Rudy finds that his neighbour has abandoned her 14-year-old son with Down Syndrome, Marco. As Rudy and Paul begin their relationship, they take Marco into their home and become the loving family that he’s never had. But when their unconventional living arrangement is discovered by authorities, Rudy and Paul fight a biased legal system to save the life of the child they have come to love as their own.

A true story forms the basis of this remarkable film about two courageous men and a fascinating boy who teaches them the true joy of being parents. Any Day Now  touches on legal and social issues that are as relevant today as they were 35 years ago. Winner of 10 audience awards at film festivals around the USA, Any Day Now  has been hailed as Cumming’s finest performance.

“Cumming is the linchpin, and the actor does an exceptional job of moving across the vast galaxy of universal emotions about partners and parenthood. He takes us to the heart of the matter in ways that matter most.”  Los Angeles Times

“A fearless, gripping and honest drama that sidesteps schmaltz. Alan Cumming gives the performance of his career.” Helen Cox, Film4

“Cumming delivers what is possibly his best performance to date.” Boyd van Hoeij, Variety

“Whether he’s doing his drag act, trying to break through as a real singer, standing up for himself or being the protector and caregiver for Marco, Cumming finds different layers to the character, giving him a depth and a soulfulness that is irresistible…One of this year’s gems” Marshall Fine, Huffington Post

Screens with short film: COCK N’ BULL

Note: This film is rated M


22 Feb 2014, 6.45pm - SOLD OUT

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