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My Queer Career 1995

 Title  Director  Runtime  Synopsis
Showgirl Chris Schembri & Natalie Fefoglia 54 An independent documentary drama centred on Sydney’s fabulous Drag industry.
The Assumption May Trubuhovich 4 Eve embarks on a journey beyond the garden gates; the Virgin, Venus and Mona Lisa are waiting.
The Soliloquy of Dale Cunningham Samuel McGeorge 21 Teenage boy exploring his sexuality; the story of a boy, his dog and a toilet block.
Link Peny McDowell & Tim Slade 8 An exploration into the different types of families, be it queer, straight or whatever takes your fancy.
H.O.M.O. Melissa Lee/ Luke Shandie 10 A soap/sex comedy.
Doll Bangs Prue Murphy 3 Honey get your life together, pull your dress out of your gusset, stop stealing other girls’ hair and get home to your woman who’s steaming in a hot tub waiting for you.’
My Brother the Queer Emanuel Ruggieri 3 A woman who recounts the early years of her life with her gay brother.
Sex Bowl Jane Castle 7 Bowling sex, sex bowling, a video of multiple orgasm in the ghetto, triangles within triangles, pins hitting pins hitting pins, strike me, spare me, love me.