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My Queer Career 1996

Film guide text: Once again, we are presenting our popular competition for Australian queer short films and videos. Entries have been received from all over the country, and the finalists will be screened on the big night.  Prizes will be awarded by a panel of judges, and the audience can get in on the act by voting for the Audience Choice Award. The majority of the works will be receiving their first Sydney screening, and many of the filmmakers will be in attendance. So come along and, join in all the fun.


 Title  Director  Runtime  Synopsis
La Poisson D’Amour Paula Gauthier 12 A comedy about a woman, in her early twenties and the difficulties that she has in telling her mother that she is a lesbian.
Tonight Gregory Karl 9 A monologue performance piece about dressing up for a night out on the town.
Use By Dates University of Technology, Sydney 8 A comedy about a dinner that goes wrong, when one of the host’s ex-girlfriends arrives and decides to ‘rekindle an old flame’.
Heel University of Technology, Sydney 10 An experimental documentary about the perils of wearing high heel shoes.
Fingers and Kisses Shu-Lea Cheang 9 A group of Japanese women discuss the pressures of being homosexual in modern Japanese society.
Personals Jane Shadbolt & Sonja Vivienne (Australian Film, TV and Radio School) 10 A documentary about lesbians who look for partners through classified advertisements.
Urn Miro Bilbrough (Oracle Pictures) 6 A broken relationship is recalled through the use of poetry
Requite University of Technology, Sydney 9 An experimental performance piece that looks at issues of sexual stereotyping.
Strap on Olympia Cate Shortland (She Meat Films) 12 A melodrama about a young woman who chooses to live her life as a prostitute, and seeks self-acceptance but not social approval.


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