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My Queer Career 1998

Print guide text: The largest and most prestigious competition for queer shorts in Australia held each year as part of the Festival. Over the past few years many of the shorts which made their first appearance in MQC have gone on to screen in festivals around the globe, some picking up awards along the way. The major prize of $2000 is provided by the Stephen Cummins Film Trust, named after the gifted queer Australian who died from an AIDS-related condition in 1994. Other major prizes for Runner Up and Audience Award are supplied by Metro Television and Independent Filmmakers Journal.

The judging panel for this year were:
Duncan Roy, Filmmaker Clancy’s Kitchen (MGFF 1998), Jackson, My Life Your Fault (MGFF 1997) – UK
Annette Willis, Director – PRIDE, former Director Women in Film & Television
Helen Tasses, Director Metro Television
Mark Glazier, Director – Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Sydney Star Observer & Sydney Intermedia Network


 Title  Director  Runtime  Synopsis
Ms Butterfly K. Farrell 17 Take one innocent Japanese girl and an Australian lesbian, sprinkle liberally with sushi to taste.
Nature Studies D B Valetine 10 Joe Dallasandro – Melbourne style. A gratuitous depiction of the everyday lives of a typical Carlton household.
Seamen Craig Boreham 13 There are no homosexuals, only homosexual acts.
Drag Queens From Outer Space Jif Morrison 6 It’s California in 1970, and the gang are having a midnight beach party. Brick and Candy slip away, little realising she is delivering yet another male victim to the drag queens from outer space
Girl Talk Judith Cobb 6 When Elisa calls a lesbian phone sex line she intends to get into one of her fantasies. However, things go horribly wrong until the final climax.
Independently Blue Sarah Neal 11 The gay (and lesbian) ’20’s are brought to life as an elderly lesbian looks back at drugs, intrigue, misunderstandings and opportunities lost.
Internet Grrls – ‘Caught in the Net’ Pam Welch 10 In the low budget real life story of IRC addicts some girls get caught in the net. Watch out, it’s hot in there!
Little White Lies Della Churchill 9 Reb finds that when you’ve got a secret and they’ve got your number, a little white lie can sometimes do wonders – but not always.
Manawanui Brent S Haywood 8 From underneath the boots, clubs, fists, bigotries and diseases they beat people who come from the wrong side of the tracks.
Tea for Two Vicki Tzimkas 5 A young vibrant transvestite, who has studied her good housekeeping manuals, has an unusual way of solving problems. Revenge never tastes so good.
Troughman Kellie Henneberry 5 Go where no woman has ever gne before. Visit the Mardi Gras Legend an find out the answers to all those questions you have!
Uncle Adam Benjamin Elliot 6 A claymation biography of a humble man, his lemon tree, chihuahua and crumpets.
Vixen Timothy Spanos 7 A seedy night club in recovery from a dance party plays host to “Vixen” who encounters and interviews the beautiful and the bizarre.