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My Queer Career 2003

Print guide text: We are thrilled to present our annual My Queer Career short film competition. This diverse array of short films comes from some very talented local gay and lesbian filmmakers. Each year we compile a tape of My Queer Career entrants that is sent to festivals around the world. Last year 50 film festivals invited one or more of last year’s My Queer Career films to be part of their festival. A number of films won prizes at these festivals.

The judges for this year’s awards were:
Megan McMurchie, board member, NSW FTO
Martien Coucke, filmmaker and past board member of Queer Screen
Martin Gallery, film marketeer and film reviewer
Dr Robert Reynolds, co-director of the Australian Centre for Lesbian and Gay Research, University of Sydney

 Title  Director  Runtime  Synopsis
Lillian & I Jonathan Wald 7 Year in and year out, Lillian teaches her music students the same boring piano scales, neglecting her own playing. Until one day Lillian’s piano can’t take it any more.
Glory Stuart Vauvert 5 Taking a break from the dance floor, a young scene queen finds glory in the most unlikely places. Drugs, sex and Ricky Martin!
Let the Boys Play Mario Moreras 1 Let the Boys Play explores human relationships, quick love and impossible lust.
Bloody Homos Robbie Baldwin 7 This mocumentary explores the hopes and dreams of an ‘alternative lifestyle’ as Thomas learns to love himself before passing it on to others.
Contact Keiran Galvin 17 A grieving man returns home to spend time with his extended family. They are unaware of his sexuality and his recent loss.
Fugue James Brown 5 Five relationships from Luke’s past are presented; all having one thing in common, they each focus on the issue of Luke’s sexuality. The theme of sexual power and its abuse becomes the musical ‘theme’ of Luke’s personal fugue.
The Visitor Dan Castle 30 A middle-aged man, living alone, sees an attractive surfer and is reminded of a long lost affair.
Big Shirley Brodie Lane 3 Shirley wakes with a start to her alarm clock and first ciggie of the day. As she goes about her morning routine, she fantasies about who she will meet that day; who will make her feel ‘young and beautiful’.
Pornstar Rhian Hinkley & Bruce Gladwin 10 The story of the romantic seduction of a right wing, middle aged, ultra conservative housewife by a lesbian director of erotic films.
Invitation Danny Vendramini 13 Zoe and her city-dwelling flatmate Shane have never told their conservative country parents they’re lesbian and gay. So when their parents turn up unexpectedly, soon followed by a succession of Zoe and Shane’s weird and wonderful friends, the scene is set for a very queer night.


My Queer Career in the 2003 Mardi Gras Film Festival guide