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My Queer Career 2012

Print guide text: Every year we bring you the latest and greatest in Australian queer shorts with our annual My Queer Career competition, 2012 is no exception. Our diverse and accomplished selection was chosen by competition judges Michael McMahon (producer The Slap and The Straits), Fiona McGregor (The Age book of the year author) and Mark Woods (Director 37° South and MIFF Industry Programs). Join Queer Screen, our filmmakers and industry guests as we celebrate home grown talent and crown another year’s winner.

Winner Best Film 2012
Ostia: La Notte Finale
Directed by Craig Boreham

 Title  Director  Runtime  Synopsis
The Confession of Father John Thomas Elka Kerkhofs 5 In the heart of the Australian outback lives Father John Thomas. During one of his seemingly innocent confessions he is caught out by God who pushes him to reveal his true self. Along with the filthy fantasies of fellow sinner Miss Beaver Eater, he finally gets the balls to confess. Being true to yourself is stronger than any dogma
First Date John Tsioulos 9 A young man prepares for an important first date, but does he have the courage to take the final daunting step?
Latte Xi Wang 15 a bittersweet short film about the romance of two young men. The film explores the harsh reality of homosexual love within the context of traditional Chinese values whereby every man in the family is expected to get married, have children and to carry on the family name.
Mogadishu Dreaming Lesley Branagan 10 Mogadishu Dreaming depicts painter Ahmed’s struggle to reconcile his idealized memories of his homeland Somalia with its disintegration. Through his vivid paintings that mesh Mogadishu and Sydney landscapes, Ahmed processes his own displacement by creating an imaginary world that celebrates the best of both cultures, whilst alluding to brutal political upheavals and his personal traumas of migration, racism and illness. Ahmed demonstrates how a creative person can be in one location, but thousands of miles away in a spirited imagination.
Under Pressure Kate Lefoe 6 When gun shots ring out in the quadrangle, library geek Alex finds herself hiding with the popular girl Ruby, her secret crush. Will Alex find the courage to reveal her true desire amidst the prevailing fear and confusion?
Battlefield Tim Marshall 9 The emotional negotiation of a one-night stand between two men bound by habit and idiosyncrasy. A contemporary snapshot of where Aussie gay men are on the issue of single-serve love and their desire for more.
Dik Christopher Stollery 10 A concerned father of a six year old takes it the wrong way.
Ostia: La Notte Finale Craig Boreham 15 On November 2, 1975, the body of Italian filmmaker, Pier Paolo Pasolini, was found, badly beaten and run over, in a deserted lot near the port town of Ostia on the coast from Rome. His car was found being driven by a young, 17 year old, street hustler, Giuseppe “Pino the frog” Pelosi.
The Last Waltz Nickolas Bird 21 A young man loses his one and only love to the Black Saturday Bush-fires, Australia’s worse bush-fire disaster in history. He has lost everything, all that he ever cared for. It’s not until twelve months after the disaster that he returns to his beloved ballroom dancing, when he sees his dead partner on the edge of the dance floor. He waltzes with him and says goodbye. Can life ever return to normal?