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My Queer Career 2013

Best Film
Summer Suit
Directed & Produced by Bec Peniston-Bird
The MetroScreen NSW Filmmaker Award
The Road Home
Directed by Denie Pentecost
Produced by Paul Sullivan and Milena Romanin
Special Mention

Dear Life
Directed by Daniel Monks
Produced by Chris Hogben v
The Queer Perspective Award
The Wilding
Directed by Grant Scicluna
Produced by Jannine Barnesv
Special Mention
Into the Streets
Directed by Logan Mucha
Produced by Taylor Litton-Strain
Audience Award
Silver Stilletto
Directed by Luke Mayze
Produced by Craig Rossiter, Guy Edmonds, Luke Mayzev
Emerging Talent Award
Continental Drift
Directed by Anna Helme
Produced by Ruth Morris


 Title  Director  Runtime  Synopsis
Silver Stilletto Luke Mayze 15 Two men are found dead in a dumpster outside of a well known gay bar and their wounds suggest the actions of a trained killer. There are no witnesses and no evidence. Detective Alexis Morgan has a crazy theory. Could the disheveled drag-queen Dorothy be responsible?
Dear Life Daniel Monks 9 An elderly man captures Death and tries to kill him so that he can live forever.
Milk and Vodka Tonnette Stanford 25 Astrid suspects her girlfriend of cheating and becomes drawn towards her best-friend, until she is forced to make a choice between the two most important people in her life.
Black Mirror Jonathan Trakas 7 It’s been five years since James has seen his reflection. Black Mirror is the tale of one young man who cannot bring himself to stare at his reflection. In order for James to face his past, he must let another young man into his life and let that young man’s love heal his five year old wound.
The Road Home Denie Pentecost 12 It’s Christmas Eve and 21 year old Dede, has chosen to not spend it with family, instead she is traveling with two close friends to a party. Her younger twin sisters travel in another direction back home. The closer Dede gets to her destination the more she realises the distance between her and her sisters is not just geographical.
Into the Streets Logan Mucha 5 In a time when the gay community was in fear of public persecution, partygoers took to the streets to declare they had no reason to hide. It was 1978 in Sydney and Craig was a naïve teenager who became swept up in the birth of a movement. Through a fragmented recollection, he revisits the chaotic events of the first Sydney Gay Mardi Gras.
Continental Drift Anna Helme 15 Croatia, 1999. Adele, a young Australian woman travels by the sea, staying in an abandoned building, amid echoes of war. She meets Antonija, whose life has been fractured by the conflicts that tore apart the former-Yugoslavia, and together they discover the uncanny intimacy that can develop between strangers. This delicate atmospheric drama reveals the private idiosyncrasies of traveling alone, and the bittersweet poignancy of ephemeral romance.
The Divine Decadance of Cheesecake Peter Savieri 14 Ash is sent a highly erotic piece of Golden Girls fan-fiction. As he’s drawn into their lusty world, his masculine and feminine sides split, gorgeously.
Treading Water Melissa Anastasi 22 Leila’s world has fallen apart following the death of her teenage son. Her relationship with her husband, her past and her own dark desires take her on a journey of self discovery.
The Wilding Grant Scicluna 15 When juvenile inmate Malcolm is offered a chance at parole, he is torn between his chance for freedom and protecting the one he loves.
Shopping Will Kuether 7 A poetic journey of two women in search of love in an ever changing world.
Fresh Fruit Diane Busuttil 9 Jean is working as a hostess for a large modern resort style hotel that is situated on a small island off the west coast of Trapani in Sicily. The hotel is built within an ancient cave, even so, amongst all this beauty and endless sunshine, Jean is disenchanted by her work and would rather be somewhere else. Her tendency toward day-dreaming allows her to escape the hum-drum of her routine work. She is bored with her job and wishes she could step out of her own life, take a risk and make everything change, and live in the grand imagination of more pleasurable places.
Wrong Tessa Millesse 6 A short film shedding light on the unique issues faced by young lesbians when choosing to come out.
Kiss Me Deadly Colin Kinchela 8 A Deadly yarn of the comedic horrors of the dating ritual, and the odds stacked against two opposites attracted. Can a Deadly desire overcome the pitfalls of the dating dreads?
Summer Suit Bec Peniston-Bird 15 Robbie’s discovery of an old suit gives her a new identity. But can she and her suit survive the trials of summer?
Radical Sonia Junttila 11 Set in 1971, a young band of anti-Vietnam War idealists gather in a remote forest cabin to orchestrate a revolutionary act of terror. At the heart of the group is a perilous love triangle between John, Alice and Ben, which threatens to unravel the insulated reality of their world.