Queer Screen Film Fest 2017 – draft

Queer Screen Film Fest 2017 – draft

The 5th Queer Screen Film Fest, brought to you by Queer Screen is back on Tuesday 19th September until Sunday 24th September for six days of more great movies.

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OPENING NIGHT – AFTER LOUIE by Vincent Gagliostro
USA; English with no subtitles
Tuesday 19 September, 7pm, Event Cinemas George Street

Suffering from survivor guilt, Sam (Alan Cumming) is at a standstill with his life, acutely manifested in his shrine to ACT UP activism from a past life. The only enjoyment he seems to get is from his cigarettes, alcohol and rent boys. Meeting young, passionate Braeden (Zachary Booth, Keep the Lights On) reawakens Sam’s zeal for life and his art.

Directed by longtime activist and ACT UP member Vincent Gagliostro, After Louie finds common ground between generations of gay men. Opening Night Film and Party tickets are available here.


SEVENTEEN by Monja Art
Austria; German with English subtitles
Wednesday 20 September, 7pm, Event Cinemas George Street

Life seems idyllic though dull for this group of boarding school students in rural Austria. Yet at 17, things can turn from carefree to catastrophe in an instant. Especially love.

Paula, a bright girl who cares for her withdrawn father and unruly sister, is in love with Charlotte, who might just feel the same. Or does she?

Director Monja Art’s debut feature is a smart and sharp coming-of-age film that epitomises the emotional rollercoaster ride that is being a teenager. Buy tickets here.


SISTERHOOD by Tracy Choi
Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan; Cantonese with English subtitles
Thursday 21 September, 6:30pm, Event Cinemas George Street

In this beautiful, genuine film and winner the Audience Award at Inside Out (Toronto’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival), we follow Cici as she returns from Taiwan to Macau to mourn a lost friend, Ling and reconnect with the past she has long left behind.

As young masseurs, the two women experienced a devastatingly brief period of idyllic home life raising their son, Lok together. In their culture, they were unable to consummate their feelings, but the love between them is unmistakable, and the eventual heartbreak is devastating. Buy tickets here.


SCREWED by Nils-Erik Ekblom
Finland; Finnish with English subtitles
Thursday 21 September, 8:30pm, Event Cinemas George Street

Poor Miku is forced to spend his summer with his parents at their holiday cabin. Seeking escape, Miku is immediately drawn to the hot, confident Elias, who is staying nearby.
In this quiet, touching drama, director Nils-Erik Ekblom delivers some offbeat comic touches and a knowing depiction of what it’s like to be 17 and ready for that hot encounter which is going to change your life, and he’s ably helped by his two attractive young leads. Buy tickets here.


TOM OF FINLAND by Dome Karukoski
Finland; German and Finnish with English subtitles
Friday 22 September, 6:30pm, Event Cinemas George Street

Leather, denim and elastic straining with swollen, hypersexualised musclemen undressing, groping, kissing and more. If you thought of Tom of Finland, you’re not alone.
This film documents his life from his fledgling love with the gorgeous Nipa to his indoctrination into the American dream by superfans Doug and also gorgeous Jack and subsequent reaction to the AIDS crisis of the early 80s. This film will excite, fascinate, arouse and inform you on one of the most recognisable gay icons in history
. Buy tickets here.


USA, Ireland/UK, Germany; English with no subtitles, German with English subtitles
Friday 22 September, 8:30pm, Event Cinemas George Street

Prepare to give your stomach muscles a workout as we bring you Queer Screen Film Fest’s inaugural collection of Comedy Shorts.

Call Your Father – During Josh and Greg’s first date, they quickly realize that the generational divide between them is the least of their worries in this cutting and insightful comedy.

Shebang – It all started when Bobby decided to masturbate with a ping pong ball…

Jeremy and Margot Make a Baby – Jeremy and his boyfriend Cruz want to have a baby. Their friend Margot, who may or may not be in love with Jeremy, is going to be their surrogate. What could possibly go wrong?

More Than God – A screwball comedy that deals with family, obligation and the rigidity of religion.

Cock ‘N Bull 2 – (pictured) – Wes and Chris see a couples therapist and decide to explore opening the relationship to spice up their sex life. Cue a revolving door of painfully awkward and hilarious hookup scenarios.

Etage X – An accidental meeting in an elevator at a department store sees two older women forced to improvise when their elevator becomes stuck. Buy tickets here.


USA; English with no subtitles
Saturday 23 September, 1pm, Event Cinemas George Street

The stories told in this free seniors screening are through a mixture of letters, confessions and interviews, and while all are shocking and some are devastating there is more than a glimmer of hope that transcends all the incredible hard work that was done by activists leading up to and continuing today.

A fascinating insight into a time that should be better known and a chance to better understand part of the global history of the LGBTIQ movement and culture. Buy tickets here.


CHAVELA by Catherine Gund, Daresha Kyi
USA; English and Spanish with English subtitles
Saturday 23 September, 4pm, Event Cinemas George Street

Winning the audience award for Best Documentary at Frameline, this film paints a portrait of a cigar-smoking, tequila-downing rebel. Chavela Vargas revolutionised Mexico’s musical landscape by smashing gender conventions through wearing ponchos and crooning traditionally male rancheras.

This film chronicles her hard-drinking lifestyle, love affairs with Ava Gardner and Frida Kahlo, late-career collaborations with Pedro Almodóvar and ultimate heartbreak. Much like the crooner herself, this film is sure to seduce any audience member. Buy tickets here.


DREAM BOAT by Tristan Milewski
Germany; English, German, French, Arabic with English subtitles
Saturday 23 September, 6:30pm, Event Cinemas George Street

Welcome aboard an all-gay cruise ship for a week of fun, friendship, flirtation and festivities. Meet long-term monogamists, irresistibly handsome boys and party animals in this fly on the wall doco.

Let long, themed nights whisk you away with extravagant outfits and outlandish parties, and join deeper, more intimate conversations as newfound friends bond over identity, body image, sex and relationships, with plenty of laughter along the way. Buy tickets here.


PRINCESS CYD by Stephen Cone
USA; English with no subtitles
Saturday 23 September, 7pm, Event Cinemas George Street

Rambunctious Cyd moves to Chicago at 16 to live with her aunt Miranda for the summer. In between lounging in the front yard and jogging around town, she meets androgynous barista Katie, to whom she feels an immediate attraction.

As she tests the depths of her undefined sexuality, her aunt also grapples with faith and sex, in a coming-of-age story that’s all about strong women discovering themselves. Buy tickets here.


Brazil; Portugese with English subtitles
Saturday 23 September, 9pm, Event Cinemas George Street

What’s that saying? Relationships come and go, but friendships are forever. For the three protagonists in Restless Love this saying bodes very true.

Mica has been dating her closeted girlfriend Duda for a year, but still hasn’t met her friends, Diego is a party boy with family troubles and a sweet boyfriend who he continually neglects and Julia, the straight one of the bunch, just got dumped by her boyfriend only to discover she’s pregnant.

Restless Love is a relatable, engaging and sometimes funny film about the struggles and triumphs of being in your 30s in modern day Brazil. Buy tickets here.


BEHIND THE CURTAIN: TODRICK HALL by Katherine Fairfax Wright
USA; English with no subtitles
Sunday 24 September, 1pm, Event Cinemas George Street

Our free youth screening showcases inspirational gay rapper and singer Todrick Hall as he and his team put together an ultra-fabulous concert tour of his album Straight Outta Oz.

Gay YouTube sensation Todrick Hall has got about a month to pull off a concert tour of his album Straight Outta Oz. In this free youth screening, we follow this super-stylish, witty, and talented rapper and singer as he and his team work their creative magic.

Filled with plenty of Hall’s music, and directed with verve by Katherine Fairfax Wright (who also helmed Call Me Kuchu that screened at the 2013 Mardi Gras Film Festival), this is one hell of a ride down Hall’s very own yellow brick road of camp creativity. Buy tickets here.


USA; English with no subtitles
Sunday 24 September, 3:30pm, Event Cinemas George Street

Many people will already be aware of Marsha P. Johnson and her fellow Stonewall veteran Sylvia Rivera. But even those who do will be captivated by this new examination of their lives and Marsha’s untimely death in 1992.
A mixture of hardship and hope forms a beautiful theme across this work, and there is a quirky authenticity to the players, from old friends of Marsha, to archival footage, home videos and interviews with Sylvia. It will inspire even as it breaks your heart. Buy tickets here.


THE FEELS by Jenée LaMarque
USA; English with no subtitles
Sunday 24 September, 6:30pm, Event Cinemas George Street

Wine, women and song join forces to send a lesbian couple and their best friends on a rollercoaster ride of emotions over the course of a joint bachelorette weekend away. The brides-to-be Andi (Constance Wu) and Lu (Angela Trimbur) are delirious with happiness over their impending nuptials and their bang-on sex life.

That is, until, high on life, wine and a little bit of ecstasy, Lu admits she’s never had an orgasm. This comes as a surprise to everyone, especially Andi. Buy tickets here.

See you at the movies!