MGFF19 Short Films Available to Stream

MGFF19 Short Films Available to Stream

The 2019 Mardi Gras Film Festival delivered some of the most diverse shorts packages in its then twenty-six year history, and we’re lucky enough to be able to revisit so many of those bite-size films online.

With the debut of the festival’s first horror collection, Queer Scream Shorts, alongside old stalwarts like QueerDoc Shorts, Transgender Shorts, Lesbian Shorts, Gay Shorts, and more, a choice selection of the MGFF19 program’s shorts offering is available to stream immediately below.

Looking for something with a slightly longer runtime? The festival’s feature film selection can be found here.

Gay Shorts

The Dare Project

Dir. Adam Salky, 2018, 32min, USA, English, Gay Man, Drama

The Dare Project takes audiences on a rare 15-year journey, starting with Adam Salky and David Brind’s classic short Dare (2005). Popular hunk Johnny takes a late-night dip with cute loner Ben, but just as things get steamy, an interruption stops their flirtations cold—that is, until the much anticipated 2018 sequel, which brings back the same leading men, now in their 30s, to finish up what they started all those years ago.

Available to buy or rent from Vimeo On Demand


Dir. Manuel Kinzer & Jorge A. Trujillo Gil, 2018, 15min, Germany/Colombia, Spanish with English subtitles, Gay Man, Drama

Darío, a 17-year-old Colombian boy, has a passion for dance. But his mother is afraid that he won’t grow up to be a “real man”. Will he be able to dance in the Carnival parade?

Available to stream on Kanopy


Dir. Connor Hair & Alex Meader, 2018, 10min, USA, English, Gay Man, Drama

Paul is based on the true story of a young man who has been diagnosed with HIV. He lives alone and rarely ever goes outside. A local pastor, Father George, convinces him to go to his pregnant niece’s house for dinner with her young family.

Available to stream on Vimeo


Dir. Vonne Patiag, 2018, 10min, Australia, English and Tagalog with English subtitles, Gay Man/Queer, Drama

A young Filipino boy in Western Sydney gets an enchanting crash-course in his homeland culture when his uncle reveals himself to be a cross-dresser in the ‘Bakla’ tradition.

Available to stream on SBS On Demand

Two Words

Dir. Jesper Emborg, 2018, 23min, UK, English, Gay Man, Drama

A dramatic account of grief and self-realisation, when 64-year old Gavin reveals to his grown-up daughter, Victoria, that he’s been living a lie during his 35 years of marriage and now intends to be true to himself.

Available to stream on Vimeo


Dir. Carlos Ocho, 2017, 14min, Spain, Spanish with English subtitles, Gay Man, Drama

Alex and Hugo are a young couple who had been together for a little more than six months. One Friday night, when they arrive at Alex’s flat, they will discuss some pending issues about their relationship and their sexual roles.

Available to stream on YouTube

Lesbian Shorts

Concern For Welfare

Dir. Fadia Abboud, 2018, 12min, Australia, English and Arabic with English subtitles, Lesbian, Drama

Ali is a gay Lebanese probationary constable, kicking against her Muslim brother’s controlling behaviour. When she attends a ‘concern for welfare’ and discovers the body of an elderly man who died alone and unnoticed she reassesses the value of a loving family.

Content warning: Contains a scene some may find disturbing

Available to stream on SBS On Demand

Eva Minus Candela

Dir. Ruth Caudeli, 2018, 18min, Colombia, Spanish with English subtitles, Lesbian, Drama

Eva and Candela meet two years after their relationship ends because Eva needs something from Candela. Although they seem to have remade their lives, they still have outstanding issues between them.

Available to rent or buy from Vimeo On Demand

Feedback (Larsen)

Dir. Margot Gallimard, 2017, 31min, France, French with English subtitles, Lesbian, Drama

Maude and Clothilde have been together for several years, but no longer look at each other. Maude suddenly loses her hearing. Cut off from the world, she tries to get closer to Clothilde who constantly avoids her. It’s a journey towards the other, an unreciprocated gaze.

Available to rent or buy from Vimeo On Demand

Foxy Trot

Dir. Lisa Donato, 2018, 15min, USA, English, Lesbian, Comedy

A married lesbian couple unexpectedly face their relationship issues when they take ballroom dance lessons.

Available to stream on YouTube

The Ocean

Dir. Sinéad McDevitt, 2018, 4min, Australia, English, Lesbian, Musical/Romance

One woman’s universe expands the more she lets go with her lover.

Available to stream on Vimeo and YouTube

Pop Rox

Dir. Nate Trinrud, 2017, 12min, USA, English, Lesbian, Drama

Jesse, a seventeen-year-old Iranian-American girl, musters the courage to tell her high school best friend, Roxanne, that she’s in love with her. But when Roxanne invites out new girl Evelyn, Jesse’s perfect night takes an unexpected turn.

Available to stream on Kanopy and YouTube


Dir. Aharonit Elior, 2017, 6min, USA, English, Lesbian, Animation/Romance

A girl finds someone to spark her dull flame.

Available to stream on Revry

Transgender Shorts

The Finding Home Series: Stacy

Dir. Abraham “AB” Truon, 2017, 23min, USA, English and Spanish with English subtitles, Transgender Woman, Documentary Profile

Stacy Araujo fled her home country El Salvador to Los Angeles after her life was threatened. In this episode, we follow Stacy as she competes in the “Miss Latina” beauty pageant in Hollywood and tries to rebuild her life with loved ones.

Available to stream on Seed&Spark


Dir. Marc-Antoine Lemire, 2017, 23min, Canada, French with English subtitles, Gay Man/Transgender Woman, Drama

Alexe is a young trans woman, and Carl a gay man. Best friends since forever, an evening spent together destabilises Alexe, when they decide to have sex together for the first time. But what was intended to be a purely friendly act turns out to be much more complex for Alexe.

Available to stream on Vimeo

Something About Alex

Dir. Reinout Hellenthal, 2017, 19min, Netherlands, Dutch with English subtitles, Transgender Man, Drama

Alex, a troubled and isolated teenager, finds a true and supportive friend in Hendrik, his sister’s boyfriend. When Hendrik and Annelies announce their plans to leave the family home, Alex must face what is troubling him.

Available to stream on Vimeo


Dir. Paul Marques Duarte, 2017, 5min, France, French with English subtitles, Transgender Man, Drama

Valentin, a 19-year-old boy, entered his dorm room for the first time. In a box he finds old pictures that remind him of his childhood.

Available to stream on Vimeo

My Queer Career 2019

Black Lips

Dir. Adrian Chiarella, 2018, 15min, Australia, English and Mandarin with English subtitles, Gay Man, Drama

A lonely Chinese man sells black market abalone and lives a life of solitary ritual. Venturing to a remote part of coastal Australia, he discovers the source of his livestock and a new understanding of his life.

Available to stream on SBS On Demand

Cherry Season

Dir. Joshua Longhurst, 2019, 13min, Australia, English, Lesbian, Drama

Summer has arrived in Shantelle’s hometown of Young, NSW. Between stacking the shelves with cherries and scrolling through women on her feed, there doesn’t appear to be much going on in her life to keep her there.

Available to stream on SBS On Demand


Dir. Ramon Watkins, 2018, 5min, Australia, Gay Man/Lesbian/Transgender, Documentary Profile

A collection of true experiences on dating apps from the queer community, explored through dance and animation

Available to stream on ABC iView

Dani Boi
Dir. Logan Mucha, 2018, 6min, Australia, English, Non-Binary/Queer, Documentary Profile

Dani performs onstage as Dani Boi, a ‘dragtivist’ with a mission to fight back against oppressive gender norms.

Available to stream on ABC iView

Feminist Shorts


Dir. Rolla Selbak, 2018, 16min, USA, English, Lesbian, Drama

A rising MMA star hides her refugee status and sexuality from her small American town, and the world.

Available to stream on Vimeo

Goddess House

Dir. Marion Hill, 2018, 6min, USA, English, Lesbian, Musical

The Queen of the Goddess House will not rise from bed today. Her court of Goddesses must summon the only one who can help.

Available to stream on Vimeo and YouTube

More Women Leaders Needed Everywhere

Dir. Kirthi Nath, 2018, 3min, USA, English, Lesbian, Documentary Profile

Women are the ones to lead the revolution because it’s something we have always done. We do the work for everyone, so we are the ones who are going to continue to lead the charge.” –Chasma, Teacher
Now more than ever, more women leaders are needed everywhere. Hear their voices and spread the word.

Available to stream on YouTube

Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance Shorts

Devi: Goddess

Dir. Karishma Dev Dube, 2017, 13min, India, English, and Hindi and Bengali with English subtitles, Lesbian, Drama

Tara is a fiesty teenager living with her single mother, a oroud woman, who resists her daughter’s fleeting outbursts of rebellion. Tara risks family and social tradition as she pursues her attractions towards her housemaid, Devi.

Available to rent or buy from Vimeo OnDemand

Hot Boys Shorts

The Good Friend (El Amigo)

Dir. Erick Salas Kirchhausen, 2017, 19min, Peru, Spanish with English subtitles, Bisexual Man/Gay Man, Drama

Marcos confesses to Esteban that his relationship with his girlfriend doesn’t excite him anymore. That night both will discover the limits of their friendship.

Available to rent or buy from Vimeo On Demand

Rubber Dolphin

Dir. Ori Aharon, 2018, 28min, Israel, Hebrew with English subtitles, Gay Man, Drama

A gay love story set in a one-bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv. They meet, they have sex, they fall in love. Will it last until the morning comes?

Content warning: Sexually explicit

Available to stream on Kanopy or to rent or buy from Vimeo On Demand

THE SHIT! An Opera

Dir. Kevin Rios, 2018, 7min, USA, English, Gay Man, Comedy/Musical

Frankie, a colourful homosexual male in 2017, is inspired to bottom after taking the biggest shit of his life. Broken up into several acts, this ‘Top-Only’ Diva will do whatever it takes to become a power bottom.

Available to stream on Vimeo and YouTube

QueerDoc Shorts

The Finding Home Series: Elaheh

Dir. Abraham “AB” Truon, 2017, 20min, USA, English with English subtitles, Lesbian, Documentary Profile

After a turbulent life, moving back and forth between Iran and the West, Elaheh finds stability in her passion for bodybuilding where control and discipline are integral.

Available to stream on Seed&Spark

Medulla Oblongata

Dir. Roberto Nascimento, 2017, 8min, New Zealand, English, Gay Man/Queer, Documentary Profile

Maldivian student Abraham Naim is better known as his alter ego: the powerful and sassy drag queen Medulla Oblongata, a notable figure in the Auckland LGBTQ scene. Medulla Oblongata explores where Abe is now and the life he left behind.

Available to stream on Vimeo

Monsta Gras

Dir. Kelli-Jean Drinkwater, 2018, 7min, Australia, English, Queer, Documentary Profile

The Glitter Militia host one of Sydney’s most iconic art parties, Monsta Gras – a political playground that redefines what it means to be Queer and celebrates Sydney’s vibrant underground club and performance culture.

Available to stream on ABC iView

Phyllis and Francesca 48 Years On

Dir. Edwina Storie, 2018, 8min, Australia, English, Lesbian, Documentary History/Documentary Profile

In 1970, when society could barely fathom the idea of lesbian relationships, This Day Tonight spoke with young couple Phyllis and Francesca. Decades later, the pair reflect on the impact of speaking out.

Available to stream on ABC iView

Queer Scream Shorts

The Quiet Room

Dir. Sam Wineman, 2018, 27min, USA, English, Gay Man, Dramedy/Horror

When Michael (Jamal Douglas) attempts suicide and doesn’t leave a note, he inadvertently awakens Hattie (Alaska Thunderfuck), a demon that haunts the hospital. Now he must find a way to stop her rampage before she kills everyone he connects with.

Content warning: Suicide themes

Available to stream on YouTube

The Sermon

Dir. Dean Puckett, 2018, 11min, UK, English, Lesbian, Horror

In an isolated church community in the English countryside, a powerful hate preacher prepares to deliver a sermon to his flock, but his daughter has a secret that could destroy them all.

Available to stream on YouTube

Tonight It’s You

Dir. Dominic Haxton, 2016, 18min, USA, English, Gay Man, Horror

CJ ventures out for a late night hook up when things take a dark turn, leading him into something much more sinister than he could ever imagine

Available to stream on Dekkoo and YouTube


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