MGFF20 Short Films Available to Stream

MGFF20 Short Films Available to Stream

Can’t stop thinking about a short film you saw at the 27th Mardi Gras Film Festival? Now you can revisit them with just a click of a button!

Now in our 27th year of celebrating the best LGBTIQ+ cinema from around the world, we here at Queer Screen are often asked where people can watch films that were part of past festival programs. And so, here’s a list of short films screened as part of Queer Screen’s 27th Mardi Gras Film Festival that are currently available to stream online in Australia.

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Out Here Shorts

Three fascinating, short-form documentaries shine a light on the LGBTIQ+ experience in regional and rural Australia in Out Here, a new joint initiative between Screen Australia and Network 10.

Alone Out Here

Dir. Luke Cornish, 2020, 23min, Australia, English, Gay Man, Documentary

In Alone Out Here, gay fourth-generation farmer Jon Wright meets resistance as he attempts to transform the cattle industry.

Available to stream on 10 Play


Dir. Matt Scholten, 2020, 21min, Australia, English, Gay Man, Documentary

Teen activist Sam Watson takes a road trip around Tasmania in Belonging, examining how the state’s gay law reform has impacted young LGBTIQ+ people.

Available to stream on 10 Play

The Rainbow Passage

Dir. Cadance Bell, 2020, 23min, Australia, English, Transgender Woman, Documentary

The Rainbow Passage follows two transgender women in regional NSW as they navigate love, life, and womanhood.

Available to stream on 10 Play

My Queer Career 2020

We’re All in This Together

Dir. Logan Mucha, 2019, 17min, Australia, English, Gay Man/Lesbian/Queer/Transgender Woman, Documentary History

Young queer Australians audition to retell stories from their elders who paved the way for their rights. Scripted verbatim from interviews, accounts of public protest, police brutality and isolation from queer history are retold and reimagined by a younger generation.

Available to stream on Vimeo

Gay Shorts

The Dawn of a New Gay

Dir. Rosie Gaunt-Mathieson, 2019, 5min, UK, English, Gay Man, Comedy

Comedian Jack Rooke goes back to uni to tell a tale of sexual enlightenment in the pre-Brexit, London-Olympic bliss of 2012.

Available to stream on YouTube

The Orphan

Dir. Carolina Markowicz, 2018, 15min, Brazil, Portuguese with English subtitles, Gay Man, Drama

Winner of the Queer Palm at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, this gorgeous short paints a gripping portrait of teenage Jonathas, whose adoptive parents “return” him because of his perceived queer demeanour.

Available to stream on Vimeo


Dir. Nick Borenstein, 2019, 5min, USA, English, Gay Man, Comedy

Corey’s day couldn’t be worse. Then he gets a free coffee.

Available to stream on Revry and Vimeo

Lesbian Shorts


Dir. Carly Usdin, 2019, 14min, USA, English, Lesbian, Comedy/Drama

Camila is your average college freshman with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a big, gay crush on her straight roommate. After both situations come to a head, Cam is stuck trying to find a distraction.

Available to stream on YouTube

The Tingle Test

Dir. Rhett Wade-Ferrell, 2018, 6min, Australia, English, Bisexual Woman, Comedy

Best friends Imogen and Abby are waist deep in a dumpster diving for dinner when Imogen insists Abby spills what’s on her mind.

Available to stream on YouTube

Transgender Shorts

Miller & Son

Dir. Asher Jelinsky, 2019, 21min, USA, English, Transgender Woman, Drama

A trans woman mechanic works in her family’s auto shop by day and expresses her femininity at night, until an unforeseen event threatens the balance of her compartmentalised life.

Available to stream on Vimeo


Dir. Hammad Rizvi, 2019, 14min, Pakistan/USA, Urdu with English subtitles, Transgender Woman, Drama

On the streets of Pakistan, a socially outcast transgender woman sets out to take care of an abandoned baby.

Content warning: Transphobic violence

Available to stream on YouTube

QueerDoc Shorts

In This Family

Dir. Drama Del Rosario, 2017, 12min, USA, English, Gay Man, Documentary

Ten years after being outed by his teacher, a gay man revisits raw audio recordings of his Filipino family’s reactions.

Available to stream on Revry

The Only LGBTQ+ and Women’s Safe Space In Beirut

Dir. Tania Safi, 2019, 7min, Australia/Lebanon, English with English subtitles, Lesbian/Non-Binary/Queer, Documentary

Out lesbian Dayna Ash created the volunteer-run Haven For Artists, a space in the heart of bustling Beirut that persecuted and marginalised groups can come to find work, create art, and advocate for a better, more inclusive Lebanon.

Available to stream on YouTube

Verasphere: A Love Story in Costume

Dir. Robert James, 2019, 20min, USA, English, Gay Man, Documentary

In the mid-1990s two men diagnosed with AIDS bonded over creating elaborate and outrageous costumes, at a time when they felt little hope. What started out as an intimate art project rapidly grew into a large and diverse tribe.

Available to stream on YouTube

HalloKween Shorts


Dir. Kenya Gillespie, 2019, 10min, USA, English, Gay Man, Drama/Horror

An Asian-American high school football player confronts his deepest fears after an encounter with a mysterious figure.

Available to stream on Kanopy


Dir. Kristen Boisnier, Rachel Casassus, Léa Peirano, Joana Sacco, Marine Saillard, Bertrand Sanabria & Marion Torcheux, 2018, 5min, France, Lesbian, Animation/Fantasy

During the Roaring Twenties of Chicago, Myrtille is desperately attracted to the cabaret’s singer. One night, the power of a peculiar perfume gives her a chance to step out of the shadows…

Available to stream on Vimeo


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