Queer Screen Volunteers of the Year

10 volunteers of various ages wearing their Queer Screen Volunteers t-shirts stand outside a cinema
Some of our Mardi Gras Film Festival Volunteers

The Queer Screen Volunteer of the Year Award is awarded annually to recognise the contribution of returning and new volunteers who have made a particularly significant contribution to Queer Screen.

The Queer Screen board, staff and volunteers nominate volunteers who have distinguished themselves in the previous 12 months.

Winners are announced at the conclusion of Mardi Gras at the Volunteer Wrap Party. The winner will get recognition on the Award Hall of Fame on the Queer Screen website.

The Awards

The Frank Wells
New Volunteer Award

Generous with his time and skills, Frank Wells volunteered for a number of organisations until his love for movie brought him to Queer Screen in 2012. Frank volunteered for Queer Screen for a relatively short but impactuful period of time before his sudden passing on 5 April 2014. In honour of Frank’s memory and his generous and significant contribution to Queer Screen, the Board decided to establish the Frank Wells Volunteer Award, which from 2021 will be known as the Frank Wells New Volunteer Award.

Previous Winners

2022 - Jess Cheng

2021 - Marlene Velecky

The Yunus Zeed
Returning Volunteer Award

In June 2021, the Queer Screen Board announced a new volunteer award, to honour the memory of a much-loved member of the Queer Screen family, Yunus Zeed. Yunus was a passionate Queer Screen volunteer who dedicated his life to volunteering, and participated in a phenomenal number of volunteer events and causes across Sydney for almost two decades. In 2017, Yunus developed low vision, but he never let that stop him from volunteering.

Previous Winners

2022 - Aaron Siu

2021 - Graham Mc Corkell

Dedication Award

The Volunteer Dedication award is presented to volunteers who are recognised by the Board for the contributions to Queer Screen across years of service, and the unique perspective and energy they bring. The Dedication Award is not an annual award.

Previous Winners

2022 - David Blanco

2020 - Jude Gonzales

2019 - Kyle Goldfinch

Previous Winners (2014-2020)

2020 - Hamish Elliot

2019 - Jac Leong

2018 - Jude Gonzales

2017 - Adrik Kemp

2016 - Kevin Ryan

2015 - Ronaldo McCullagh

2014 - Susie Griffin