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Asia-Pacific Queer Film Festival Award

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Secret love affairs, rom-com obsessed teens and pop-culture-filled sexual fantasies are the subject of some of the best LGBTIQ+ short films across the Asia-Pacific region.

Nominated by members of the Asia-Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance (APQFFA), these films from China, Hawai’i, India, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Australia are all in the running for the annual APQFFA short film award with a $1,000 USD cash prize. Founded in 2015, the APQFFA is a regional collective of LGBTIQ+ film festivals and organisations created to foster and promote the visibility of Asia-Pacific voices in queer cinema.

Content warning: contains depictions of homophobia and transphobic language

Tank Fairy director Erich Rettstadt will be in attendance to introduce the screening.

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