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Bi+ Shorts

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A celebration of stories about those whose sexuality falls outside the binary – whether they prefer to go by bi, pan, queer or otherwise.

Revelations abound when two wives decide to open their marriage. A man’s inability to stop overthinking proves a hurdle to asking someone out. A non-monogamous couple grapples with a pregnancy scare after the transmasc partner has a Grindr hook-up. A woman’s curiosity about her crush’s new girlfriend becomes an unexpected meet cute. From those exploring newfound curiosities to out and proud bisexuals, these shorts depict a whole range of multi-faceted stories about people across their queer journeys.

Content warning: contains depictions of biphobia

Please note: the schedule in the festival print guide lists the incorrect venue – Bi+ Shorts is screening at Ritz Cinemas, Randwick.

Please note: Girl Crush will only screen in cinema on Wednesday 28 February, and will not be available On Demand.

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