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Hit the dancefloor with the Blitz Kids! Boy George, Marilyn, Princess Julia, Gary Kemp, and more recount the rise of the legendary London nightclub that launched the New Romantic movement.

Inspired by the glam stylings of David Bowie and the can-do ethos of punk, in the late 1970s a ragtag group of working class teenagers and art students in bleak post-war London formed their own vibrant, inclusive community centred around Tuesday nights at the Blitz club in Soho. A parade of fabulous interviewees bring to life the music, the fashion, the friendships and the rivalries in this warm, nostalgic, and sometimes catty documentary.

Sydney Premiere

The Saturday 18 February screening includes a special Q&A with director Bruce Ashley, and story producer and editor Karin Steininger.

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“A substantial, inspiring work about a legendary club night that was an integral part of a youth culture movement that helped shaped more open attitudes towards sexuality, and continues to have an impact on fashion, music, and beyond.”

The Queer Review

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