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Breaking the Ice

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Opposites attract when an icy 20-something hockey player has instant chemistry with her fiery new teammate, in this sincere romantic drama.

Mira seems stuck. Waiting. On the ice she’s powerful, passionate and in control. Off of the ice, Mira’s life is unsettled and stifling. She’s disciplined, closed off and keeping everyone at a distance, whilst struggling with family dramas. But when spontaneous Theresa joins the hockey team she shakes up Mira’s ordered world, and she begins to rethink her place in both her team and her family. Will Theresa help Mira to reveal her true self? 

Content warning: strobe lighting

Sydney Premiere

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About Breaking the Ice
  • Community

  • Director

    Clara Stern
  • Cast

    Alina Schaller Judith Altenberger Tobias Resch Pia Hierzegger Wolfgang Böck
  • Producer

    Michael Kitzberger Wolfgang Widerhofer Nikolaus Geyrhalter Markus Glaser
  • Company Credits

    Courtesy of: Films Boutique
  • Program Strand

    Narrative Feature
  • Blurb Writer

    Jean Kearney
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