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Upending the power dynamic between men and the rest of society, this provocative feminist revenge fantasy pulls no punches against the patriarchy!

Wally, a queer spoken word poet finds herself discussing the countless stories of men who have abused women without consequence. That is until she decides to take matters into her own hands and embarks on a vigilante crime spree against abusive men. No more finger threaded keys, no more texts to friends when arriving home safely. Wally is the threat. But when she falls for the practical and law-abiding Lou, Wally must come to terms with what lines she is willing to cross for justice.

Content warning: contains discussions of sexual violence

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Thu, Feb 16, 8:30pm

Event Cinemas, George St
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In Cinema

Fri, Feb 24, 6:40pm

Ritz Cinemas, Randwick
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