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Trent Kendrick and Rafael Albarran take on writing, directing and lead-acting duties in this wistful comedy set in the all-too-familiar past.

They play Max and Rafael, ex-boyfriends who are just re-establishing a connection in Los Angeles when the pandemic hits, and they find themselves living under the one roof – for better or worse! The situation forces both of them to face up to some hard realities and also to learn more about each other than they did before. A film that celebrates living your truth, and trusting the journey it takes you on.

Content warning: contains COVID-19 themes

International Premiere

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About F.L.Y.
  • Community

    Gay Men Transgender Women Non-Binary Queer
  • Director

    Rafael Albarran & Trent Kendrick
  • Writer

    Rafael Albarran, Trent Kendrick
  • Cast

    Rafael Albarran Trent Kendrick Pixie Aventura Alexeev Dismuke Torrey Lawrence
  • Producer

    Rafael Albarran Trent Kendrick Vanessa Pantley Shiran Carolyn Amir
  • Program Strand

    Narrative Feature On Demand Encore
  • Blurb Writer

    Cameron Bayley
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