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Finding Her Beat

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A group of women and non-binary drummers gather to create a historic and ground-breaking Taiko performance, an art-form usually dominated by men.

The ancient art of Taiko is brought vividly to life in Finding Her Beat, a captivating doco showcasing some of the world’s best and most dynamic women and non-binary performers. Artists from Japan, Canada and the USA gather to share their powerful stories of resilience and strength in this deeply personal and compelling film. From the moment the beat of the Taiko drums pulses into your bones you’ll be left inspired and in awe of these powerful musicians.

Content warning: contains COVID-19 pandemic themes

Australian Premiere

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Finding Her Beat is one of the year’s most engaging and captivating documentaries.”

Film Threat

About Finding Her Beat
  • Community

    Lesbian Non-Binary Queer
  • Director

    Dawn Mikkelson Keri Pickett
  • Cast

    Tiffany Tamaribuchi Kaoly Asano Chieko Kojima Megan Chao-Smith
  • Producer

    Jennifer Weir Dawn Mikkelson
  • Company Credits

    Courtesy of: Emergence Pictures
  • Program Strand

    Asia-Pacific Focus QueerDOC
  • Blurb Writer

    Jess Cheng
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