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Follow the Protocol

Original language title: Seguindo Todos Os Protocolos
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It’s a question that’s all too familiar to many: what do you do when you’re horny and single during a global pandemic?

That dilemma is front of mind for poor health-conscious bear Francisco, who finds himself freshly dumped (via video call!) in the early days of COVID-19. In this wry film, we follow the nervous Francisco as he navigates the various possibilities of getting his end away without catching the virus. Equal parts funny, erotic and thoughtful, writer-director-star Fábio Leal takes precautions to the extreme with a fresh look at safe sex – and the sex that makes us feel safe.

Content warning: contains COVID-19 pandemic themes

Sydney Premiere

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“A fascinating look into how the pandemic failed to change people’s personalities as much as it exacerbated the pre-existing neurosis of everyone who’s lived through it.”


About Follow the Protocol
  • Community

    Bisexual Men Gay Men
  • Director

    Fábio Leal
  • Cast

    Fábio Leal Paulo César Freire Marcus Curvelo Lucas Drummond Vitória Liz
  • Producer

    Fábio Leal Juliana Soares
  • Company Credits

    Courtesy of: FiGa Films
  • Program Strand

    Narrative Feature
  • Blurb Writer

    Cameron Bayley
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