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Funny Face

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Sophie arrives home from 10 hours of facial feminization surgery in a haze of pain and anesthesia.

Waiting for her are Morgan, her queer actor girlfriend, and Randy, her country singer brother – both just starting to get to know each other. As Sophie recovers, Morgan and Randy unite against a tragically unhelpful home nurse Donna, their common enemy on a difficult night made bearable with humor, love, music, and weed.

Content warning: contains depictions of misgendering.

Australian Premiere 

About Funny Face
  • Community

    Bisexual Women Queer Transgender Women
  • Director

    Jude Hope Harris
  • Writer

    Krista Fatka
  • Cast

    Krista Fatka Charlie Harrison Merieve Herington
  • Producer

    Nick Vitale Genevieve Jones
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