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Girl Crush

“Girl Crush” follows Jessie, a 24-year-old aspiring musician stuck in a rut at a local indie cinema, grappling with writer’s block.

Her world takes a turn when she’s assigned to mentor Brianna James, a local indie musician and Jessie’s idol. Guiding Brianna sparks newfound purpose, breaking Jessie’s writer’s block. But as lines blur, Jessie realises her feelings go beyond fandom – she’s crushing for Brianna. Adding a whimsical touch, Jessie can’t stop hearing music in her head, offering a humorous insight into her thoughts. This queer musical rom-com series explores Jessie’s journey of discovering bisexuality against the backdrop of the indie music scene.

Content warning: contains depictions of biphobia. 

World Premiere

About Girl Crush
  • Community

    Lesbian Bisexual Women Queer
  • Director

    Olivia Aleksoski
  • Writer

    Ally Morgan
  • Cast

    Ally Morgan Samantha Andrew Sarah Armanious
  • Producer

    Sayuri Kawamura Ally Morgan Hew Sandison
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