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Girls Don't Cry

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Original language title: Le ragazze non piangono
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Two teenage girls embark on a roadtrip through the Italian countryside – one fleeing home, the other desperate to return to her home in Romania.

In the wake of Ele’s father’s death, and after Mia is caught up in the world of crime, the two friends bundle into Ele’s family’s old campervan and flee north. As they navigate the world around them and encounter a host of dangerous characters, the pair are pulled closer together and retreat into the safety of each other’s arms. Equal parts gritty and sweet, Girls Don’t Cry is a sensitive, delicate film about Mia and Ele’s whirlwind journey towards adulthood as they put aside their naiveties and face the realities of life.

Australian Premiere

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About Girls Don't Cry
  • Community

    Lesbian Bisexual Women
  • Director

    Andrea Zuliani
  • Writer

    Francesca Scanu, Andrea Zuliani
  • Cast

    Emma Benini Anastasia Doaga Arianna Bergamaschi Irene Maiorino Yuri Casagrande Conte Gabriele Pizzurro Samuele Segreto Simona Malato Fabrizia Sacchi
  • Producer

    Valentina Quarantini Marco Luca Cattaneo Giovanni Amico Corrado Camilla
  • Company Credits

    Courtesy of: TVCO
  • Program Strand

    Narrative Feature On Demand Encore
  • Blurb Writer

    Sujay Abhilash
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