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Lesbian Shorts

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From Africa, Europe to throughout the USA, this diverse collection of shorts brings together the experiences of lesbians from across the globe.

A Belgian woman’s Egyptian girlfriend goes missing after her family finds out about their relationship. A lonely Irish farmer has a novel response to her daughter’s dating prospects. A Pakistani-American woman introduces her new partner to the loving chaos of family game night. A Nigerian-British woman reconnects with a childhood crush when she returns home following a loss. A Norwegian woman longs for a love like she’s seen on screen. From the dramatic to amusing, these Lesbian Shorts will have you covered.

Content warning: contains conversion therapy themes

About Lesbian Shorts
  • Community

    Lesbian Non-Binary Queer
  • Director

    Pauline Beugnies Olivia Dowd Ida H. Eldøen Alix Eve Fawzia Mirza Olive Nwosu Clara Planelles
  • Program Strand

    Shorts Packages
  • Blurb Writer

    Andrew Wilkie
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