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Banned in its local country Singapore, this fast-paced and gripping take on free speech, privacy and gay rights is a must-see.

Director Ken Kwek has melded family drama, prison grittiness and real-life politics in this English-language Singaporean film. We follow idealistic, but stubborn YouTuber Sean Marzuki, as his life takes complicated turns amidst his passionate journey for equality for his gay twin brother, Ricky (both played by actor yao, in a remarkable performance). When Sean posts an inflammatory response to an anti-gay sermon the pair inadvertently attend, they become retaliatory targets of the evangelical megachurch and their lives threaten to crumble around them.

Content warning: contains depictions of homophobic and sexual violence

Sydney Premiere 

“Kwek creates an overall feeling of optimism — change is in the air and will soon come.”

That Shelf

About #LookAtMe
  • Community

    Gay Men
  • Director

    Ken Kwek
  • Cast

    Yao Pam Oei Adrian Pang Janice Koh
  • Producer

    Jeremy Chua
  • Company Credits

    Courtesy of: Pōtocol
  • Program Strand

    Asia-Pacific Focus Narrative Feature
  • Blurb Writer

    Adrik Kemp
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