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Old Narcissus

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Original language title: 老ナルキソス
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This distinctly raw, erotically-charged drama delivers a powerfully melancholic portrait of ageing in Japan that’s unlike anything seen before.

Yamazaki, a 74 year-old children’s author, has a fondness for sadomasochism. He’s faced with a painful reminder of his lost youth and shattered relationships when he forms a uniquely intimate connection with Leo, a hired sex worker. What Yamazaki doesn’t realise is that they both face a shared loneliness as they search for self-acceptance as gay men in a conservative society. Old Narcissus delivers a powerful exploration of the lingering ripple effects of social inequality on the LGBTQI+ community in contemporary Japan.

Content warning: contains suicide themes and depictions of BDSM.

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About Old Narcissus
  • Community

    Gay Men
  • Director

    Tsuyoshi Shôji
  • Writer

    Tsuyoshi Shôji
  • Cast

    Taijiro Tamura Atomu Mizuishi
  • Producer

    Keisuke Suda Masami Ito Ken Arima
  • Program Strand

    Narrative Feature On Demand Encore
  • Blurb Writer

    Will Dishon
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