The Flipside of Flamboyance

The Flipside of Flamboyance


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The Flipside of Flamboyance is a brazenly, passionately, defiantly queer film about the reasons why the GLBTIQ community has an eight times higher rate of depression than the mainstream community. This film celebrates the resilience of the people behind the gay movement’s glamorous parades. The lives, loves and losses of a community long persecuted yet flamboyantly defiant. Interview subjects include Noel Tovey, indigenous writer; Peter Murphy, seventy-eighter/ journalist; Zahra Stardust, pole dancer, human rights activist , Elena Jeffreys, academic and queer sex worker activist and Johnnie Cass, former Big Brother Contestant and creative entrepreneur.

The film is being made by local independent filmmaker Barbara Karpinski,  who is currently seeking to raise $20,000 to fund post-production, music and sound design. Donate now.

View the trailer here.

Photo of BK and Johnnie Cass courtesy of Waude Laube SMH