Frank Wells
Volunteer Award

Frank Wells

Frank Wells was born in Wisconsin on 21 June 1943. A journalist and editor by trade, he moved to Sydney in 1974 after a few years living in Greece. Generous with his time and skills, Frank volunteered for a number of organisations until his love for movie brought him to Queer Screen in 2012. He became the heart of the Boiler Room (our Admin team) and with his enthusiasm and good nature won over everyone he has worked with.

The Volunteer Thank You party in 17 March 2013 was the last social event that Frank attended, before suffering a stroke the following day. His commitment to volunteering was such that while in hospital he was still concerned that admin routines were followed as usual. Frank unexpectedly passed away on 5 April 2013.

In honour of Frank’s memory and of the generous input of all volunteers, the Board decided to establish the Frank Wells Volunteer Award.

The details


A yearly award to recognise the contribution of a volunteer who made a particularly significant contribution to Queer Screen.


A volunteer who distinguished him/herself in the previous 12 months, based on the nomination of any Queer Screen stakeholder (other volunteers, members, audience, staff, etc)


Written submissions can be made to support a candidate to the award. Nominations can be submitted using this form throughout the year and will be collected until time for evaluation. Submissions to close at the end of March each year.


A panel composed by Volunteer Coordinators and selected Board Directors will discuss nominations and select five candidates to the Award. The panel will present nominees to the April’s Board meeting and a winner chosen.


Winner to be announced at a Queer Screen Volunteer Party in May, during National Volunteer Week.


The winner is to be announced at a Queer Screen Volunteer Party in May, during National Volunteer Week. The winner will get recognition on the Award Hall of Fame on the Queer Screen website. He/she will also be entitled to free access to all Queer Screen screenings until the following year award winner is announced.

Go for it! Recognise the great work of your fellow volunteers by making some good submissions. Thank you! Queer Screen Volunteers Team.

Previous Winners

2018 Jude Gonzales

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2017 Adrik Kemp

2016 Kevin Ryan

2015 Ronaldo McCullagh

2014 Susie Griffin