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Best of Gay Shorts

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Exploring tales of desire, self actualisation and friendship with both heart and humour, this package collects the best gay shorts from MGFF24.

Idiot FishOn the road to holidays, Jimmy and Guillaume replay their first meeting. Jimmy becomes a lost hitchhiker, Guillaume a lonely driver. They will pretend they don't know each other anymore, in order to play to meet and seduce each other again. Until a third player joins the game…

You Can Stay Over (If You Want) If Alex sleeps over, he’d have to tell his hook-up something about himself that’s usually a dealbreaker.

TestingWhen a young gay man suspects he has an STI and goes in for testing, he discovers the older man he recently slept with is a doctor at the clinic.

MermanThe Life and Times of Andre Chambers, also knows as Merman, is about a 58 year-old Black queer man sharing his life as an emergency nurse, leather title holder and civil rights advocate.

After Sunset, Dawn ArrivesIn the early 2000s, Los Angeles, introverted and unsociable 65 year-old Wan falls in love with a man who is nearly 30 years his junior and struggles to embrace his homosexuality, which he had suppressed his entire life, while also confronting his guilt towards his deceased wife

Say Uncle Say Uncle tells story of estranged friends Jake and Drew, who reunite because Drew is hoping Jake might offer up some of his sperm for a baby.

Come Clean A young man struggling with OCD white-knuckles his way through a Grindr hook-up and makes a mess of things.

Content warnings:  contains racial slurs and depictions of misgendering

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