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Queer Screen has been uplifting and broadcasting queer stories through the Mardi Gras Film Festival, Queer Screen Film Fest, My Queer Career and more for decades. But this is only possible with your generous support. Every donation that we gratefully receive is 100% used to help run Queer Screen and get more LGBTIQ+ stories, especially Australian stories, out into the world.

We are so humbled and proud of all the films that have come up in part thanks to that support, and couldn’t be happier to be able to continue to do just that. So, help us help filmmakers get those stories up in lights and consider donating today!

Let’s take these queer stories global!

We are here for LGBTIQ+ filmmakers. We take very seriously our commitment to bringing queer stories to the screen, and to backing LGBTIQ+ talent.

Because of this, we have a Completion Fund, through which we contribute funds to help queer film projects get finished. We host a short film competition, My Queer Career, with prizes and awards to help elevate emerging filmmakers all over the country. And we hold the Queer Screen Pitch Off, offering the chance for queer filmmakers to pitch a short film and receive funding to get it off the ground.

Through the generous support of our donors we have directly helped 30 films come to life with over $190,000 in funding provided by Queer Screen. This absolutely phenomenal contribution to queer art is only possible through the support of donations, so please donate today.

In 2023 and 2024, we were invited to the Marché du Film at the Cannes Film Festival as the first Australian AND the first LGBTIQ+ film festival to be part of the Goes to Cannes initiative. Each time, we took five films from up-and-coming filmmakers to showcase as part of the initiative.

Being able to use our name and reputation to build independent film and authentic queer voices is what Queer Screen is all about!

See more LGBTIQ+ stories of queer joy on screen

We love queer cinema and so do you. Queer Screen is committed to bringing LGBTIQ+ stories to screen, focusing on Australian and diverse voices.

But we do all of this for you. We exist because of cinema-goers, whether you watch one film a year or hold a coveted Pink or Purple Pass! And the key to a cinema-goer’s heart is a great film.

Queer Screen is a not-for-profit organisation, so all of our donations fund running the organisation and ensuring every Festival is better than the last. We use this to source great films, venues, and throw parties, events and awards open to everyone to attend.

We want to bring you with us every step of the way as we brighten the world with queer, joyful stories and are forever grateful for all your support. Please donate today to help us keep shouting queer love from every cinema screen we can!

Double your Donation

Many companies match employee contributions to charitable organisations, with some donating to places where you volunteer.

So if you donate $50 or volunteer for eight hours, your workplace matches the value—doubling your gift! Check with HR or Finance to see whether your employer has a similar program, and help us to do more for the community.

View a partial list of employers with programs.

Plus, we are registered with Benevity and Good 2 Give and we also accept donations through PayPal Giving.

True Love (and more)

If you donate as a Top 100 ($100+) or True Love ($500+) contributor*, you can be recognised on our website, in the Mardi Gras Film Festival printed program, across cinema screens, and on our social media (subject to timing).

We love all our donors and are grateful for any contribution, regardless of the amount.

*Due to our DGR status, only individuals or persons are eligible for acknowledgement this way.

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Uplift, cherish and rejoice in queer storytelling on screen

And what could we do without our volunteers? We have volunteers in all facets of the organisation, from pre-screening films for selection in our Festivals, to content and marketing and more. And we of course can’t forget our integral Board Members, all of whom do this for the love and passion of queer representation on film.

Queer Screen would be nothing however, without an audience. From people who dip a toe in one screening at Mardi Gras Film Festival, to those who come to every screening, in all our initiatives, in our programming and planning, our primary goal is to provide entertaining queer stories to move you, make you laugh, cry and rage against the machine, but most importantly, to celebrate our community, and to strive above all, to spread queer joy.

Donate to Queer Screen and help make our shared queer joy a reality.

Queer Screen is a registered charity and a not-for-profit organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient status. Every donation to Queer Screen Ltd from $2 is tax-deductible, and you’re helping keep our screens queer. You can also call the Queer Screen office on 02 9280 1533 to donate over the phone, or via