Queer Screen Completion Fund

Round 10 submissions are now closed!

The ‘Queer Screen Completion Fund’ was established to provide support to Australian LGBTIQ+ filmmakers and storytellers whose work is consistent with the vision and mission of Queer Screen. It brings much-needed financial assistance to worthy LGBTIQ+ screen projects.

Queer Screen strives to support LGBTIQ+ filmmakers through grants, awards and programs. Queer filmmakers reflect the diversity of our communities and tell stories that directly reflect our lives and struggles.

Round 10 will award up to $20,000 and is accepting applications until Sunday, December 10th, 2023 for non-members of Queer Screen and Sunday December 17th, 2023 for Queer Screen Members.

Application and Eligibility

We will consider applications for finishing and/or marketing funds for:

  • Feature films 70 minutes or over,
  • Documentaries 60 minutes or over (noting that alternate length edits for other purposes – e.g. TV broadcast, educational resources – are permitted), and
  • Web series 35 minutes or over.

Which currently:

  • are in need of finishing, marketing or accessibility inclusion (e.g. closed/open captions, audio description) funds,
  • have already completed the development and production (at least 80%) phase and are in post-production stage,
  • are either finished or viewable as an off-line edit,
  • will not have had an Australian or world premiere (in person, broadcast or online) prior to January 31, 2024,
  • and commenced (principal photography) after January 2022.

Please read the guidelines to ensure eligibility (see sidebar “Find out More”). Along with an application producers must also submit the following application materials:

  1. Complete application form
  2. Full Synopsis
  3. Copies of broadcaster license/ distribution agreements/ sales deal memos if available
  4. Summary budget (1 page)
  5. Summary Production Schedule (1 page)
  6. Financial Plan
  7. Main cast and crew bios
  8. Chain of title summary (who owns rights to material)
  9. Link to a rough cut or assembly edit of your project

We do not require hard copies. All documents should be submitted electronically (pdf) to filmmakers@queerscreen.org.au with the subject title “Completion fund application – and the project name” before the closing deadline. Please review and complete all the information in the Completion Fund Application.

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Queer Screen’s Mission

“To transform and engage individuals and communities through queer storytelling on screen.” Learn More.

Round 10 recipients have been announced!
Find out More

For the full Completion Fund Guidelines click here, for Application information, click here.

Please contact filmmakers@queerscreen.org.au with questions no later than two weeks prior to the deadline.

Projects that qualify for Completion funding are ones that have already completed the development and production (at least 80%) phase and are in post-production stage.

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Completion Fund Recipients

The Queer Screen Completion Fund was established to provide support to Australian LGBTIQ+ filmmakers and storytellers.

Each year a new round provides up to $20,000 in Completion funding for screen projects, including feature films (Narrative and Documentary) and web series. Since 2016 Queer Screen has awarded $162,000 in filmmaker completion grants to 27 projects. 


  • Birds of the Borderlands, Director: Jordan Bryon, $7,500
  • Teenage Kicks, Director: Craig Boreham, $2,500


  • Nothing To Lose, Director: Kelli Jean Drinkwater, $8,000
  • Jade of Death, Director: Erin Good, $4,000


  • The Greenhouse, Director: Thomas Wilson-White, $10,000
  • Becoming Colleen, Director: Ian Thomson, $5,000
  • Little Sista, Directors: Charmaine Bingwa & Reece Jones, $3,000
  • Black Divaz, Director: Adrian Russell Wills, $2,000


  • Sequin in a Blue Room, Director: Samuel van Grinsven, $10,000
  • Cloudy River, Directors: Sophie Hardcastle & Charlie Ford, $6,000
  • Morgana, Director: Isabel Peppard, $4,000
  • More Beautiful …for having been broken, Director: Nicole Conn, $3,000
  • Romp, Director: Tonnette Stanford, $2,000
  • Under My Skin, Director: David O’Donnell, $10,000
  • Tales of an Upstart, Directors: Craig Boreham & Meredith Williams, $2,500
  • Unsound, Director: Ian Watson, $2,500


  • Thirty (2nd season), Director: Leah Pellinkhof, $5,000
  • In The Room Where He Waits, Director: Tim Marshall, $8,000
  • Lonesome, Director: Craig Boreham, $5,000
  • Scattered, Director: Logan Mucha, $2,000


  • Slant, Director: James Vinson, $10,000
  • The Longest Weekend, Director: Molly Haddon, $8,000
  • The Story of Trans Glamoré, Director: Lachlan Bradbury, $2,000


  • Sunflower, Director: Gabriel Carrubba, $15,000
  • Fanny Scat Investigates, Director: Tony Radevski, $5,000


  • One Person Protest, Director: Christopher Amos, $10,000
  • Videoland, Director: Jessica Smith, $10,000