Queer Screen Curatorial Services

At Queer Screen, we are dedicated to transforming and engaging individuals and communities through queer storytelling on screen.

We believe that queer filmmaking and queer stories on screen promotes pride, value and respect both within the LGBTIQ+ community and outside of it. We love nothing more than to inspire creativity, showcase incredible queer talent and queer stories from every corner of the globe and community on screen.

Queer Screen can work with you on your event, by curating a package of short films, to help make your endeavour a roaring success. We can also source feature films if need be. We’re happy to work with you on a bespoke curation.

Services provide wherein we

  • Curate a package of short films for your event
  • Arrange classification exemption
  • Provide all film details, synopsis and images for marketing purposes
  • Obtain licensing permission from film rights holders
  • Queer Screen can also curate feature films and provide the above for your event

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with an applicable project fee and further information.

  • Request should be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the planned announcement of your event
  • Short film files are delivered as mp4 files. Additional costs are incurred for alternative formats like DVD/ Blu-ray or DCP for cinema screenings

Queer Screen can curate, license and deliver audience favourite LGBTIQA+ feature or short film packages for your event.

Past organisations that have used this service include:

  • Accenture
  • ACON: Love Project
  • Adelaide Feast
  • AGL
  • Bank Hotel
  • Beijing Queer Film Festival
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Coastal Twist Festival
  • Corrs
  • Cygnet Arts Council
  • Deloitte
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Naughty Noodle Funhaus
  • Newcastle Pride
  • Optus
  • Powerhouse Museum
  • Pride in Public Service NSW
  • Queers Down South
  • SBS Pride and Allies
  • Transport for NSW
  • UTAS Pride

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

Any inquires or issues please contact programming@queerscreen.org.au

For tailorable corporate movie event inquiries – in cinema, in-office or via Queer Screen’s Virtual Cinema platform that can be watched anywhere in Australia – please contact Paul Kennedy – paul.kennedy@queerscreen.org.au