Vision, Mission
and Values

Our Vision

A celebration of the diversity of sexualities and gender identities through queer storytelling on screen, by inclusive and respectful communities full of creativity, inspiration and pride.

Our Mission

To transform and engage individuals and communities through queer storytelling on screen.

We will achieve this by:

  1. Showcasing diversity of queer creativity through film and video
  2. Supporting queer filmmakers and other artists who address diverse sexualities and gender identities to reach audiences
  3. Valuing the contributions of our volunteers in every aspect of our work
  4. Building and nurturing partnerships
  5. Listening to and engaging with our audiences and communities
  6. Ensuring the sustainability of our organization so queer stories continue to be seen

Our Work is Guided by Our Values


Queer Screen showcases diversity of queer filmmaking, creativity, sexualities and gender identity.


Queer Screen nurtures and sparks creativity within our communities, including filmmakers, artists and audiences.


Queer Screen inspires individuals and communities through queer filmmaking to grow, transform and be challenged.


By valuing and respecting the contributions and perspectives of our volunteers, partners and audience, Queer Screen supports inclusiveness.


Through our programming and activities, Queer Screen promotes pride in individuals and communities through presenting and valuing our stories.