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Dead Lesbians

As she prepares for a first date, Isabelle is pestered by the apparition of Dorothy Ainsworth, a chain-smoking, well-spoken, long-since deceased author of 1950’s lesbian pulp novels. Isabelle is grappling with ‘dead lesbian syndrome’ and resents Dorothy for perpetuating it in her writing. In the end, Dorothy highlights the freedoms Isabelle enjoys as a queer woman today and reminds her to be grateful for the privileges she enjoys – including a hugely successful first date.

Sydney Premiere

About Dead Lesbians
  • Community

  • Director

    Eva Justine Torkkola
  • Writer

    Jaq Avery
  • Cast

    Yassica Switakowski Jennifer Vuletic Shamita Sivabalan
  • Producer

    Jaq Avery
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