Bi+ films you can’t miss at MGFF24

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Bi+ films you can’t miss at MGFF24

Bisexuality and the Bi+ life is real bb and if you don’t agree then Bi, bi, bi! Isn’t that what NSYNC said once?
Okay, now that the bi-phobes have left here’s the tea.
We’ve curated a list of Bi+ films that you cannot miss at MGFF24. So, bookmark this tab and use it as your guide Bi+ guide to MGFF24.

Three people in a bar in friendly embrace.

Along Came Love

Sydney Premiere

Wed, Feb 21, 6:20pm
Event Cinemas, George St

Could you keep your partner’s deepest secret? Madeleine and Francois become one another’s saviours in post-WW2 France, in a film that showcases how love can rise above social norms.

2023 Festival du Film Francophone – Winner Best Film and Best Actor

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A person smiling. Holding a small scruffy dog.

Cora Bora

Fri, Feb 16, 7:00pm
Event Cinemas, George St

Sat, Feb 24, 6:30pm
Dendy Cinemas Newtown

Internet comedian turned Hacks scene-stealer Meg Stalter delivers a hilarious performance in this bittersweet queer comedy about a struggling musician who finds her world thrown off its axis.

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A conductor conducting music.

Days of Happiness

Australian Premiere

Tue, Feb 20, 8:15pm
Sydney Opera House Playhouse

An emotionally gripping drama with evocative classical music set-pieces, though comparisons to Tár are inevitable, this is a very different tale of a lesbian conductor’s career and love life at a crossroad.

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Two people smiling big. On in a shopping trolley, the other pushing them.

Girls Don’t Cry

Australian Premiere

Tue, Feb 20, 7:00pm
Event Cinemas, George St

Equal parts gritty and sweet, Girls Don’t Cry is a sensitive, delicate film about Mia and Ele’s whirlwind journey towards adulthood as they face the realities of life.

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Two people blissfully dancing back to back.

Power Alley

Mon, Feb 26, 6:30pm
Ritz Cinemas, Randwick

Volleyball player Sofia needs an abortion, but it’s a crime in Brazil. Her new girlfriend and teammates come through to help, in this gripping film about queer sisterhood and women’s bodily autonomy.

2023 Cannes Film Festival – Winner FIPRESCI Prize, Nominee Queer Palm
2023 Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival – Winner Best Director and Best Editing

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A person resting their head on someones shoulder. Their face is up to the sky and their eyes are closed.

The Last Year of Darkness

Thu, Feb 22, 8:30pm
Event Cinemas, George St

The Last Year of Darkness is a pumping, neon-coloured portrait of alternative Chinese youth, centring on raucous underground nightclub, Funky Town, which is threatened by the machinations of Chinese society.

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Bi+ Shorts at MGFF24

A celebration of stories about those whose sexuality falls outside the binary – whether they prefer to go by bi, pan, queer or otherwise.

Our Bi+ Shorts will screen together as a cinematic package.

Wed, Feb 28, 8:30pm
Ritz Cinemas, Randwick 

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A little puppet animal wearing a red scarf.

Diomysus: More Than Monogamy

Australian Premiere

An experimental comedy-documentary fusion where a group of mice (voiced by members of the UK polyamorous community who’s identities are masked using puppetry) discuss their experiences of polyamory. Diomysus asks the question – are we (the audience) more open to taboo ideas if unconscious bias is eliminated?

Two people standing together in a store. They are in an embrace and both looking at what is on the shelves in front of them.


A married lesbian couple, in an open relationship, try to navigate their curiosity and newfound freedom.

Two people looking into each other's eyes. The vibe feels romantic.

Girl Crush

World Premiere

“Girl Crush” follows Jessie, a 24-year-old aspiring musician stuck in a rut at a local indie cinema, grappling with writer’s block.

Two people kissing

Grindr Baby

Australian Premiere

A queer non-monogamous couple grapples with a potential pregnancy after the transmasculine partner has a one night stand via a gay dating app. Knocked Up, if Seth Rogen was the one who got pregnant.

Three people sat on a couch. Smiling, laughing and enjoying each other's company.

Jelly Bean

Australian Premiere

Reyzl is a queer woman who is earnestly seeking romance on dating apps, with the help of her lesbian roommates. Follow the trials and triumphs of a pivotal day in Reyzl’s dating misadventures as she sets out to find the intimacy she craves.

Two people about to kiss.


Sydney Premiere

Boy meets boy. Marco meets Galo, a carefree and nice guy, but Marco can’t stop himself from overthinking everything. But maybe his overactive mind will actually help him to get to know Galo. Boy gets boy?

A person smiling softly. They are in a conversation with someone out of frame.


Australian Premiere

A Brooklyn rooftop party devolves into a cosmic encounter in this surrealist dark comedy.

Three people together. Two are leaning on the front of a car.

The Trip

World Premiere

At the pointy end of a situationship and a sexuality crisis, Georgia and Jake are stuck on the side of the road with an overstepping hitchhiker on a trip that will either make or break them – or maybe both.