Queer Screen MGFF22 COVID Safety Plan

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Queer Screen MGFF22 COVID Safety Plan

Queer Screen is committed to the ongoing safety of our staff, patrons and partners as we plan the upcoming Mardi Gras Film Festival (17 Feb – 3 Mar 2022).

Queer Screen is closely following NSW Health Government mandates and is working closely with our venues to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our patrons.

We have worked with our venues to maintain social distancing in the cinema as best as possible, and to make sure Festival audiences feel safe and comfortable in the cinema, each session will be strictly capped at 75% capacity.

Mardi Gras Film Festival (MGFF) will screen at the following venues: Event Cinemas George St, Hayden Orpheum Cremorne, Event Cinemas Hurstville, Event Cinemas Parramatta, Dendy Cinemas Canberra and Mount Vic Flicks Mount Victoria.

A portion of the MGFF22 program will also be available to stream online so that the program is still available to those who cannot attend due to illness, travel restrictions, or are a vulnerable person and wish to avoid gatherings.

Queer Screen will advise ticket holders at time of purchase all up-to-date COVID related information they will need (outlined below). Queer Screen’s COVID Safety plan will be available on our website, and we will link to our venue partner’s COVID Safety Plans, including all conditions of entry.

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Wearing a mask at Mardi Gras Film Festival screenings is not mandatory in the cinema. We strongly recommend to wear a mask at all times for your safety, and the safety of others.

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Stop the Spread

If you are feeling unwell, or experiencing any flu-like symptoms, or have been identified as a close contact of a COVID-19 person, please stay at home. In this event, please contact ticketing@queerscreen.org.au for exchange options.

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Queer Screen manages their own ticketing, and will not sell or allocate tickets over the recommended capacity set by the venue.

Queer Screen will promote online ticket purchasing ahead of the event.

All tickets will be checked electronically onsite. Paper tickets will not be collected from patrons, they will be scanned at point of entry.

Name and contact details of patrons will be collected at time of ticket purchase using our online ticketing platform (online and in-person).

Queer Screen will email patrons conditions of entry for each venue at time of purchase.

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Social Distancing and Hygiene

Keep your distance between yourself and other people where possible, avoiding close contact with people you do not live with.

We have worked with our venues to maintain social distancing in the cinema as best as possible, and to make sure Festival audiences feel safe and comfortable in the cinema, each session will be strictly capped at 75% capacity.

Wash your hands frequently! Hand sanitiser is available at all venues and we encourage its use.

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Each venue has implemented their own COVID Safety Plan in terms of capacity, QR scanning and cleaning.

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Check-in and QR Codes

If required, venues will collect name and contact details of patrons as they enter the site using QR codes.

Queer Screen will work with venue partners to reduce queues and restrict the number of patrons waiting/loitering in a space.

Where Queer Screen have a ticketing box office set up at a venue, we will promote physical distancing in areas where people are asked to queue to discourage crowding.

Where possible and with cooperation from our venue partners, we will use separate doors or rope barriers to mark the entry and exit wherever practical.

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Staff and Volunteers

Name and contact details for all staff and volunteers will be kept for a period of at least 28 days.

Staff will be informed of the COVIDSafe app and the benefits of the app to support contact tracing if required.

Queer Screen will advise all staff and volunteers to exclude themselves from an event if they are a close contact of a confirmed COVID positive person, are feeling unwell. Queer Screen will ensure all attendees and staff are aware they should only attend if they are feeling well and do not have any respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms.

Staff and volunteers will be required to wear masks while onshift at indoor venues.

Hand sanitiser and disposable masks will be provided to all staff and volunteers.

All staff will be advised to monitor for symptoms (as outlined by NSW Health) and will cooperate with venue staff if a patron, volunteer or staff member is asked to exclude themselves once arriving at the event.

All staff will be provided with information and training on COVID-19, including when to get tested, physical distancing and cleaning.

All staff and volunteers will be inducted into MGFF venues and will be provided with information on each COVID safety plan.

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Powerhouse Museum (Queer Screen office space)

Capacity must not exceed one person per 4 square metres of office space (total 45 sqm). Total number of staff, volunteers and visitors onsite will not exceed 6 at any one time (4 people at their desks plus another two people visiting). This allows room for people to move around and keep at least 1.5m distance from colleagues.

All visitors to the Powerhouse Museum must be at least double vaccinated and be able to show proof to Powerhouse House staff before entry.

A digital register will be kept of all staff and visitors to the Queer Screen office.

Last updated January 2022