Queer Screen Goes To Cannes

Five film stills with logo for Queer Screen goes to Cannes

Queer Screen Goes To Cannes

Queer Screen Goes to Cannes in 2024

Queer Screen is thrilled to partner with Marché du Film for the Goes to Cannes program for the second consecutive year. As the sole LGBTIQ+ film festival participating, it is an incredible honour, and we are delighted to showcase some remarkable new queer works.

We have selected five narrative feature projects, three Australian and two international. From All Sides tells a culturally diverse story from Western Sydney. Heart of the Man, brought to you by a First Nations filmmaker, explores a father-son relationship. Experience the Australian landscape in the road trip movie Strange Creatures. Under the Influencer, an ambitious project from the USA, pushes boundaries, while Sabar Bonda (Arms Of A Man) from India offers a tender and personal narrative.

We are immensely proud to play a part in bringing these works to a global audience.

Please see the selection of works we’ll be showcasing in Palais K at 4pm Saturday May 18 below.

Plus check out the shots from the presentation here on Instagram as well as a snapshot of the festival in Reels.

Group of people around the Cannes banner

Download the Queer Screen Goes To Cannes 2024 Booklet for more info and film project contacts.

And read all about Queer Screen’s showcase for Goes to Cannes at Variety here.

From All Sides

Two men in bed together

A multiracial bisexual married couple and their teenage children find themselves beset from all sides as they navigate work, school, sex, friendships, romances and their colourful neighbours in the outer suburbs of Sydney.

Director: Bina Bhattacharya

Producers: Bina Bhattacharya and Alexander McGhee

Production Companies: Gemme de la Femme Pictures Pty Ltd

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Sabar Bonda (Arms Of A Man)

Two men in a field together

A thirty-year-old city-dweller compelled to spend ten-day mourning of his father in the rugged countryside of Western India tenderly bonds with a local farmer struggling to stay unmarried. As the mourning ends, forcing his return, he must decide the fate of his relationship born under duress.

Director: Rohan Parashuram Kanawade

Producers: Neeraj Churi

Production Companies: Lotus Visual Productions

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Strange Creatures

Two men sit against a painted mural

Two estranged brothers are forced back into each others’ lives when they’re tasked with scattering the ashes of their recently deceased mother in the country town where she grew up.

Director: Henry Boffin

Producers: Rachel Forbes & Riley Nottingham

Production Company: Strange Creatures Pty Ltd, Humdrum Comedy Pty Ltd, Sweetshop & Green

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Under the Influencer

A woman looks up inside

When a struggling digital artist has her work appropriated by a popular art curator, will she remain a victim, or become the perpetrator of an even more villainous crime?

Director: Bryn Woznicki (Director); Lauren Neal (Technical Director)

Producers: Jill Bennett, Katie Hall

Production Company: Lion & Lamb Studio, Team Stillwell, Fair Play Films

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Heart of the Man

A man silhouetted against the sun and lake

A young boxing prodigy coming to terms with his sexuality must battle between fulfilling his father’s dream and becoming his own man.

Director: David Cook

Producer: Blake Northfield

Production Company: Bronte Pictures

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