Fastest selling films at Mardi Gras Film Festival 2022


Fastest selling films at Mardi Gras Film Festival 2022

Although we have plenty to choose from at this year’s Mardi Gras Film Festival, some films are selling fast!

From Opening Night to cute mid-week romances, these choice flicks are quickly being snapped up. Grab your ticket now before these favourite sessions sell out completely…

Don’t forget you can also watch many of the films at home, On Demand.

Firebird – Firebird is the true story of Junior Officer Sergey, who strikes up a discreet romance with dashing pilot Roman. Matters are complicated when suspicions regarding Roman’s sexuality are investigated by the pilot’s superiors, resulting in a tumultuous love triangle forming between Sergey, his best friend Luisa, and Roman. Both men will see their relationship pushed to extremes as they fight against the challenges of an oppressive anti-gay regime.

Firebird can be seen at Event Cinemas on Saturday 19th of Feb at 6pm, and on Wednesday 23rd Feb at 6:30pm. Don’t miss out!


Check out this interview with Peeter Rebane & Tom Prior of "Firebird"

Mascarpone – The Italians are hard to beat when it comes to putting the sexy in self-discovery! Poor Antonio (Giancarlo Commare) has his ‘happily ever after’ thrown in his face when his husband proclaims their marriage over. However, in a journey to establish a life of his own, he discovers some new friends and some new friends with benefits! He also finds that his passion for baking could actually give him a fresh purpose. With a rather delicious cast, Mascarpone not only provides some eye candy but a satisfying story about perfecting the recipe for personal happiness.

This screening is selling fast, but you can still catch Mascarpone at Event Cinemas on Friday 18th of Feb at 8:45pm and Thursday 24th Feb at 6:30pm.


Rebel Dykes – In 1980s Britain, the leather-clad, radical Rebel Dykes of London made significant and often uncelebrated contributions to queer activism amid Thatcher’s stifling conservatism and homophobic policies. For the first time, their legacy and wild testimonies are captured in the documentary Rebel Dykes.

Rebel Dykes is screening on Saturday 19 Feb at 5:30pm at Event Cinemas and is available On Demand all festival long!

Rebel Dykes

Boy Meets Boy – Don’t miss your chance to catch the stunning Boy Meets Boy – only showing once on Saturday 19th Feb at 8:30pm at Event Cinemas!

Daniel Sanchez Lopez’s film captures the excitement of physical attraction and the fun of getting to know someone new. This joyous romantic drama has been lauded by critics as a gay Before Sunrise and features sensitive and compelling performances from its attractive lead actors.

Boy Meets Boy

The First Girl I Loved – Hedwig Tam and Sz-Wing Yeung shine in this dreamy Hong Kong romance that radiates nostalgia. Painted with a soft pastel hue, this tender and affecting coming-of-age tale is a beautiful exploration of first love and companionship, family, and heartbreak. The First Girl I Loved is a stunning and unique piece of Hong Kong cinema.

Catch the Australian premiere of The First Girl I Loved only at Event Cinemas Hurstville, 7pm Thursday 24th February for only $10!

The First Girl I Loved

Boy Culture – Your one chance to see Boy Culture in cinemas is on Friday 25th Feb at 6:30pm, Event Cinemas George St – do not miss out on this sexy episodic following X (Derek Magyar), who’s returning to hustling after a breakup. Fun, raunchy and frank, it’s a real turn on!

We’re thrilled to present this continuation of Q Allen Brocka’s 2006 film of the same name. X (Derek Magyar) has now split up with boyfriend Andrew (Darryl Stephens), and returned to turning tricks. Luckily he’s got young Chayce (Jason Caceres) to school him in the art of hustling in the social media era – when he’s not eye-rolling at X’s lack of savvy! Like many of X’s clients, you won’t leave disappointed, so grab your tickets before they’re gone…

Boy Culture

Check out this interview with Derek Magyar, lead actor in "Boy Culture"

Wildhood – Opening Night is selling fast! Kick off the Mardi Gras season with this beautiful First Nations coming-of-age drama on Thursday 17th Feb, 7pm at Event Cinemas plus a second screening on Saturday 26 Feb at 6:15pm.

Under the watchful eye of his abusive white father, impulsive two-spirit Mi’kmaw teen Link spends most of his time taking care of younger half-brother, Travis. But when Link discovers his supposedly-dead mother may be alive, the pair set out to find her. Along the way, they connect with pow wow dancer and drifter Pasmay. As Link reclaims his heritage and connection to the land, he and Pasmay find themselves irresistibly drawn to one another. A beautiful and captivating drama about empowerment and self-discovery.