Make your MGFF22 experience more sustainable with suggestions from AGL

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Make your MGFF22 experience more sustainable with suggestions from AGL

We want to share a few simple tips alongside our Major Partner, AGL, to help you have a safe, fun and sustainable Mardi Gras Film Festival.

Ride a bike to the cinema.

Whether you’re going to Event Cinemas George St, Parramatta or Hurstville, or to the Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne, riding a bike there (or part of the way there if it’s a bit far) is a great way to get fit, save on greenhouse gas emissions and have a great time.

Deal with waste in a sustainable way.

We all love a snack, whether at home or at the cinema, but what do you do with the leftovers? Instead of chucking it out, why not consider starting a composting system at home? AGL has a few tips  on being smart with your garbage.

Go carbon neutral.

Going carbon neutral is an option for all AGL customers. You can add Climate Active-certified Carbon Neutral to your electricity plan for $1 a week and to your gas plan for $0.50 a week and AGL will offset emissions associated with the supply and use of your electricity and gas. What a great way to enjoy the On Demand portion of the Mardi Gras Film Festival when watching at home!

The Divide – This film from out filmmaker, Catherine Corsini (‘Summertime’, MGFF16 Opening Night) is fresh from winning the Queer Palm Award at Cannes, 2021. The Divide follows the darkly comic events that unfold in a besieged Paris hospital.

Coming to our On Tour MGFF22!

The Divide

B-Boy Blues – With tons of eye candy as well as a story brimming with drama, romance, heart and charisma, B-Boy Blues will captivate you from start to glorious finish and leave you wanting more.

Our Closing Night Gala was co-presented with AGL Australia.

Beyto – The breakout hit from Queer Screen Film Fest 2021 is back, and on the big screen! This sensitive and provocative romantic drama tells the story of a young man wrestling with his Turkish family’s traditional sense of honour and his need to be true to himself.


Ma Belle, My Beauty – An ambling look at the changing relationship between polyamorous ex-lovers Lane, Bertie and Fred.

Ma Belle My Beauty

See You Then – Two former lovers seek closure and reunite after years apart in this slow-burning drama that highlights the power of cathartic conversation, no matter how painful the revelations.

See You Then

The Nowhere Inn – In this clever mockumentary, Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) asks friend Carrie Brownstein to make a documentary about her music, which slowly turns into a surreal spiral through the complexities of fame.

The Nowhere Inn

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And why not bring to bear your generosity by buying a gift voucher from Queer Screen, be it to add some cheer to someone doing it tougher that you have, or just to spread awareness about the quality of movies that the MGFF brings to our doorstep. Either way, we take our hats off to you!

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