MGFF20 Meets… Laur Allen

MGFF20 Guest - Laur Allen

MGFF20 Meets… Laur Allen

The next MGFF20 guest we catch up with is Laur Allen who stars in Season of Love, the first queer full-feature holiday romcom!

In Season of Love, Laur Allen plays Mardou, whose brother does the dirty and abandons his sister Iris (Emily Goss) at the altar. Luckily for Iris, Mardou is a shoulder to cry on. They’re just part of the ensemble cast in this feelgood comedy (perfect for Valentine’s Day!) that follows the twists and turns of three queer female relationships in the days leading up to Christmas. We chat to Allen about why this film is a “badass” must-see!

Tell us why everyone needs to buy a ticket to see your film.
Incredible women dominate this film both in front of and behind the camera, making it one of the most amazing collaborations I’ve experienced. That magic comes through in the final product and knowing that the audience is also going to be full of badass women makes this film a female powerhouse from start to finish. Add “holiday cheer” to this equation, and it’s hard to resist!

What was the appeal of your film as a project to do?
I am drawn to projects with purpose. What this film represents is amazing and I wanted to be a part of it. I was also extremely drawn to my character, Mardou. I love that she is independent, confident, and incredibly compassionate. But, she isn’t afraid to dish out a little tough love. I can relate to that!

What do you hope audiences take from your film?
Love is love, and it’s never too late to go after what you want!

There are more channels for LGBTIQ+ films than ever before, why are festivals like ours still important?
Everyone in our industry has a unique opportunity to be advocates and representatives. Telling important stories and helping to advance the content that is created requires a full team effort. Festivals like this one are important because they connect passionate content creators and are also the bridges between filmmakers and the public, thus nurturing the necessary conversations.

Why is it important to keep telling LGBTIQ+ stories?
Individuals, especially young people, within the LGBTIQ+ community need to see their stories told in ways that allow them to be proud of who are they are and inspire them to embrace their own individual journeys. While representation on screen is important, it’s not an isolated factor. Oftentimes in Hollywood, what we are seeing on screen is a by-product of what is occurring behind the scenes. Thus, in order to get sustainable representation on screen, LGBTIQ+ writers, directors, producers, executives, editors, and crewmembers to name a few, should also be supported. This involves not only the community, but also its allies. Again, it’s a full team effort.

“Individuals, especially young people, within the LGBTIQ+ community need to see their stories told in ways that allow them to be proud of who are they are and inspire them to embrace their own individual journeys.”

What was the first film you saw yourself represented in?
To be honest, there are a lot of aspects of myself that I am still waiting to see represented on screen. The industry is moving forward in its story telling, that’s for sure. But we still have a long way to go.

Who was your first film crush?
I don’t want to say because it was in a classic Disney film when I was VERY young, and now it feels strange to admit since it was a cartoon…haha!

What on-screen LGBTIQ+ kiss still makes you swoon?
The first kiss between Kenna (Sandra Mae Frank) and Lou (Jessica Clark) in this film is a gem and gives me chills every time!

Which film would you like to remake with an LGBTIQ+ twist?
Any classic WWI or WWII film. I think that would be a really interesting piece of history to explore since LGBTIQ+ stories during those eras were very suppressed.

What’s one of your favourite LGBTIQ+ films and why do you love it?
Season of Love…duh! In all seriousness though, this film is special to me, not only because I was a part of it, but because I’ve gotten close to everyone who worked on it. For me, this film transcends the screen and will always have a special place in my heart. That’s hard to top!