My Queer Career 1994

My Queer Career 1994


Print guide text: Queer Screen presents the inaugural Australian Queer Film & Video Awards. In keeping with Queer Screen’s initiatives, this section of the festival focuses on the promotion, nurturing and development of an Australian Queer Film & Video culture. 

Winner Best Film 1994
Jackie O is Speaking
Directed by Tim Slade

GenderfuckSvetlana Gilerman4Does gender fuck or do we fuck gender?
ProjectionMartina Palombi5A swan song for Valentine’s Day.
Wax MeKelly Simpson6A story of lust, jealousy and hair removal.
ShoeRueben Le Smith3Soft core porn for shoe fanciers.
I/Not IMaria Rita Barba-gallo5A ‘good’ Italian girl’s confession!
My Freedom RingsGroovii Biscuit16Spy on moments in the lives of some very special Sydney queers
Sex FishJane Castle6Sex & Fish & Sex & Fish
None of the AbovePenny Fowler-Smith13Pure, disciplined, adult, old fashioned glamour.
Sexual LiberationHaikam Sihapanyaxay4Front-room sexual explorations
On BecomingTeresa Rizzo26An exploration of gender & visual fluidity
I’ll Show YouMatthew Jones; Linda Sproul; Stephen Jones3Witty hit list of ‘community’ archetypes
Mimi PulkaRuth Carr; Catherine Adams24An Aboriginal initiative to provide culturally appropriate HIV/AIDS education
The Circle ClosesCezary Prokopiuk6Lethal cocktail of religion, sex and needles
A Sunday SoireeCayte Latta10Non stop visual talking as lovers reminisce
Aids: A Fighting ChanceKevin Cotter1Cinematic commercial which packs a punch
In Bed With Your NeighboursDoerthe Jansen52In the ‘Year of the Family’ this juicy sexual liberation movie confronts with brutal honesty issues often conveniently omitted from the safe sex debate.
OpheliaChristopher Ryan2A woman speaks her unrepresented resistance to history
Body CorpoateStephen Cummins & Mathew Bergan9Construction camp! Daily routines and fantasies on the site.
Liquor, Guns and AmmoBarbara Karpinski7Diabolical combinations of all sorts. A subtle and unusual tale of femme/butch love.
Into the LightJames Whitington24Combining theatre, dance and music with Fellini-esque characters, this surreal film deals with sexual identity and transformation.
Jackie O is SpeakingTim Slade3Yet another look inside J.F.K’s head.
X DressAmanda Walliss8Mass culture girls at their X-iest in a female dick video tract. A veritable perv fest of female virility.
Luv & OlehPenny McDowell10They’re putting on a show. They have the song. They have the venue. They have the lamé. But something is very wrong.
The PinkKatherine Fry8Re-tells a fairy tale of a princess married to an inadequate prince.
Jumping the GunJane Schneider10After a one night stand, a woman imagines a rosy future.
A Midnight FarewellDavid Varga3A story of a body ‘in extremis’ told via 20’s horror recording and excerpts from the writing of Antonin Artaud.


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