My Queer Career 2010

My Queer Career 2010


Program guide text: Join us for an all-Aussie start to a fabulous festival with eight exquisite new films, a host of guest presenters and our fabulous Opening Night party at the City Recital Hall, Angel Place.

This year’s finalists in Australia’s most prestigious queer short film competition are as diverse and engaging as our community itself. In a world where same-sex love is the norm, who will fight for Breeders Rights? A suburban love story explodes into song on Blueberry Lane, and urban lovers face the intense light of morning in Just Yours; a woman fights to save her partner in Lash, while hook-up bed-partners fight in Disarm; we see inside the seductive work of William Yang, and Evelyn Everyone goes inside the seductive woeld of second life role play; and a shoplifter’s motives are now what they seem in Love and Other Redspot Specials.

Winner Best Film 2010
Directed by Nathan Keene

 Title  Director  Runtime  Synopsis
Breeders Douglas Brooks 8 A comedy/drama set in a surreal world where everyone is queer. Lesbian Prime Minister Susan Sanderson is determined to maintain policies that deny heterosexual couples the right to procreate. Cecilia Schwarz – leader of the “Natural Conceptions” movement fights for equal rights for combined couples. Shot in the style of TV news reports “Breeders” is an hilarious and important examination of 21st century discrimination.
Blueberry Lane Peter Ireland 12 When an over excited Argentinean garbage collector with a passion for salsa music accidentally spills a resident’s wheelie bin during his route through Blueberry Lane, he discovers a cassette tape filled with some of his favourite salsa tracks lying amongst the refuse. Thus begins his infatuation with the beautiful and mysterious Resident 55, a sheltered widow who holds wistfully onto the memory of her deceased husband. It is only until Fernando waltzes his wheelie bin into her life that Resident 55’s love for life is reignited, and a new unlikely love blossoms. Through dancing residents, spinning wheelie bins and tap dancing garbage men, the musical story of Blueberry Lane unfolds.
Disarm Nathan Keene 18 Two men meet online for a hook-up, but after an initial confrontation, they fall into conversation and have something they did not expect: a connection.
Lash Elka Kerkhofs 5 Celina finds a dead body. By her touch she sees into another lifetime where this woman was her lover, but they died for their love. She now has a chance to heal the past and find peace.
Just Yours Anthony Cox & William Young 6 A couple return home arguing about the only thing that is keeping them together.
The Art of Seduction Craig Boreham 9 William Yang is a third-generation Australian-Chinese artist, born and raised in Queensland. He is best known for his documentary photographs and his narrative monologues with slide projections. Many of Yang’s works examine his Chinese family history, gay identity or themes such as AIDS. This short documentary looks at one aspect of William’s work as a photographer – the photos he takes of male nudes. In many ways, this is the most personal and vulnerable of his work because it always involves a negotiation or transaction.
Evelyn Everyone Kylie Plunkett 17 Evelyn is thirty-three, single and searching for love online. She might just find herself
Love and Other Redspot Specials Lauren Anderson 6 In the universe, on Earth, in Australia, there is a small town. In the small town there are: 9,684 residents, one supermarket, six sets of traffic lights, and one shoplifting transvestite on an extravagant quest for love.