Six films from Asia in the Mardi Gras Film Festival

Asian films MGFF22

Six films from Asia in the Mardi Gras Film Festival

Some of Australia’s closest neighbours are in Asia. For this Mardi Gras Film Festival, we have several films from Asia that showcase, highlight and celebrate some of these countries.

From Hong Kong to South Korea and Taiwan, check out these films from Asia in the program.

Hong Kong

The First Girl I Loved – Ming Lee and Sylvia reconnect the night before Sylvia’s wedding to reflect on their high school relationship. This tale of first love and heartbreak from Hong Kong is a beautifully tender and nostalgic piece of cinema.

The First Girl I Loved

Denise Ho: Becoming the SongA compelling documentary about singer turned human rights activist Denise Ho. Filmed over several years, we follow her rise as a Cantopop superstar, to her involvement in the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, as she becomes an influential queer voice in the fight for political freedom in her homeland.

Denise Ho


A Distant Place – Evocative and firmly entrenched in place and character with stunning cinematography and two handsome leads, this film has hints of a modern Brokeback Mountain. The sweeping, achingly beautiful cinematography of A Distant Place will immerse you completely in this heartrending Korean drama of love, family and acceptance.

A Distant Place

Coming to You This is a powerful, insightful documentary about two mothers fighting for the rights of their children to live freely as part of the LGBTQ+ community in Korea.

Coming To You


As We Like It – Including an all-female cast, animated sequences, light cyberpunk, and the tradition of Shakespeare and Taiwanese culture melded together in perfect harmony, As We Like It is a rare and entertaining treat.

As We Like It


Moneyboys – This Taiwanese production set in China tells the mesmerising tale of Fei’s journey from a small village to life as a moneyboy in the big city. His story is joyous, melancholy and deeply captivating.



Asia Pacific Shorts – From fragile romances, finding yourself in a traditional artform and revisiting the past, don’t miss this diverse collection of short films from the Asia Pacific that span sexuality and gender identity, as well as genres and borders.

Asia Pacific Shorts MGFF22