Online Streaming FAQ

The 9th Queer Screen Film Fest will host a variety of screenings and events from the 16-26 September 2021 On Demand and live, including film screenings, panels, filmmaker Q&A’s and of course the fourth Pitch Off Competition!

Do I have to watch an online screening at a particular time or date?

No! The beauty of online is that as soon as 7pm hits on September 16 2021 all films will become available to watch online, 24 hours a day! You choose the film you want to watch—and the when and how.

You have a 72 hour window to watch the films once you press play. That 72 hour window must fall within the festival dates, Sep 16-26 2021.

How do I watch a film online?

For more information on how to stream On Demand check out our technical FAQ’s. They provide all the details on how to set up your On Demand Experience.

Purchase a free On Demand test to test out your system.

How do I watch Online Special Events?

Special events will be available on Queer Screen’s Facebook and YouTube page. Live events will be advertised, and will be made available to stream to view at your convenience. Keep in touch via our enews to stay in the know with upcoming events.

Discover our special events.

Can I watch online screenings from anywhere?

All films are available to watch online from within Australia only with the exception of Tove which cannot be streamed in Victoria.

Can I stop and start while screening?

From the moment you press play, a film will be available for 72 hours. You can rewind, forward through, pause or exit and restart the film within that time frame.

Access to all content will cease at 11.59pm AEDT on Sunday 26 September, 2021. Please ensure you have sufficient time to watch all purchased films as refunds will not be given for unwatched or unfinished films.

How do I buy a ticket?

For those who are familiar with Queer Screen, the process for buying a ticket has not changed – just login to your account and start purchasing!

For those new to Queer Screen, you will need to create a new account and password.

You can even buy tickets from within the Queer Screen app.

All of our tickets will be available within your account to access anytime between the festival dates.

Will QSFF21 have passes?

Queer Screen Film Fest will have three types of passes available for online sessions only: an Online Pass 3, Online Pass 5 and an All Access Online Pass. So you can watch, 3, 5 or ALL online sessions!

If I have a pass, am I guaranteed an online ticket to every film?

Due to ticketing caps, passes are not a guarantee of a ticket to every film. You will still need to book a ticket to each film you want to see with your online pass—this includes the Online All In Pass. Simply follow the instructions on the receipt and book a spot for the films you’d like to see.

Can online screenings sell out (and why?!)?

Some online sessions may sell out! Why? Well, some films have a limited streaming capacity due to arrangements with filmmakers, sales agents and distributors and the classification board. If you have a pass, please book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Is there any content I can access online for free?

Yes! We are happy to announce we will have a bunch of Filmmaker Q&A’s, In Conversations, Panels, and our fourth Pitch Off Competition available On Demand for free.

How are my member benefits changing?

Members still receive discounted tickets for all sessions, including in person and online screenings.

All online screenings are limited to 1 ticket per transaction.

How do I purchase tickets as a gift?

All online screenings are limited to 1 ticket per transaction and each link is unique to your account. To purchase a ticket as a gift, we recommend purchasing a gift voucher.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?

You can contact the Queer Screen office on (02) 9280 1533, Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm.

Out of hours support: Please email with your enquiry or fill out an online query form. Someone will be in contact with you if your enquiry is received prior to 9pm. On weekends the ticketing email and contact form are routinely monitored by our Virtual Help Desk.

You can find our technical specs here.

I love Queer Screen, how else can I support you?

Buying tickets to our events means we can continue to deliver the best in new LGBTIQ+ content. If you are in a position to support further, donations over $2 are tax deductible.

While opportunities to volunteer at events are currently limited, there are many opportunities which come up year round. Register as a volunteer to stay in the loop.


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