Travel the world with these queer European films

European films MGFF22

Travel the world with these queer European films

European adventures have been sorely lacking over the past few years, and these queer European films will help you experience these cultures from the comfort of a cinema or your own home (with our On Demand selection).

Film has always served well as a window into other places, lives and cultures. Plus the added convenience of not having to actually travel!

The Mardi Gras Film Festival this year has a selection of short and feature films from 37 countries around the world. Below are some of the choice European films from the program.


The Divide – This film from out filmmaker, Catherine Corsini (Summertime, MGFF16 Opening Night) is fresh from winning the Queer Palm Award at Cannes, 2021. The Divide follows the darkly comic events that unfold in a besieged Paris hospital.

The Divide

Ma Belle, My Beauty – When former polyamorous lovers are reunited in the South of France, desires and disappointments are rekindled as the characters tackle the past, present and future of their relationship.

Check out an interview with director, Marion Hill here.

Ma Belle My Beauty

Benedetta – A titillating, shocking and fascinating portrait of a woman on the brink of madness, torn between lust, desire and sanctity – Benedetta must be seen to be believed.



Mascarpone – It’s hard to beat the Italians for adding the sexy to some self-discovery! When Antonio’s marriage suddenly ends, he embarks on a journey of sex and self-discovery. With a rather delicious cast, this gentle Italian drama not only provides some eye candy, but a satisfying story about creating the recipe for your own happiness.



Boy Meets Boy – A beguiling romantic drama in which two attractive young men spend a single day getting to know each other in the hazy Berlin summer. Guaranteed to please incurable romantics!

Boy Meets Boy

Bliss – This German film tells the story of two sex workers, and the fleeting moments of bliss they manage to create between themselves.


Great Freedom – Repeatedly imprisoned for homosexuality in post-war Germany, Hans finds unlikely companionship with cellmate Viktor in the unflinching yet tender, Great Freedom. Winner of the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at Cannes.

Great Freedom


Firebird – Passions fly between a fighter pilot and a private at a Soviet airbase during the Cold War. Firebird is a captivating and romantic tale of life, love and loss.


Check out this interview with Peeter Rebane & Tom Prior of "Firebird"


Beyto – The breakout hit from Queer Screen Film Fest 2021 is back and on the big screen! Beyto is a captivating drama from Switzerland about a turbulent love triangle between a Turkish swimmer, his trainer, and his arranged wife-to-be.



Poppy Field – In Eugen Jebeleanu’s directorial debut, Cristi is a Romanian police officer that is struggling to negotiate his sexuality with his working life in a hypermasculine environment. Winner of several festival awards worldwide, Poppy Field is an exciting new entry into the Romanian New Wave.

Poppy Field


Sediments – The Spanish transgender women in this doco are strong and powerful, but it doesn’t shy away from showing their struggles with their identities and sometimes one another. A thought-provoking, moving and inspiring piece.