Youth-focused films at the Mardi Gras Film Festival

Youth films MGFF22

Youth-focused films at the Mardi Gras Film Festival

Enjoy the stories of young people, from teens to young adults, in the queer, youth-driven storylines of select films from the Mardi Gras Film Festival.


There are films about youth, some made by youth, that explore all that it means to be figuring yourself out while juggling school, uni, mates and dates. From high school shenanigans to sports dramas, indie romance and even a Shakespearean adaptation, there’s something for everyone in this selection of youth films.

With a mix of genres, characters and stories exploring the youth experiences of queerness, these are certainly picks you can’t miss from the Mardi Gras Film Festival. Bring your mates to our special screening of Hetero or other cinema showings, or curl up on the couch and enjoy from home with both in cinema and On Demand options.

Opening Night Gala

Wildhood – Set against the wilds of the Canadian Nova Scotia landscape, this film is the captivating odyssey closeted two-spirit Mi’kmaw teen Link. A beautiful drama about empowerment and self-discovery.



As We Like ItThis Taiwanese adaptation of Shakespeare with an all-female cast is a captivating feast for the eyes. With excellent casting, beautifully nuanced performances from all and a strong and healthy dose of queer pride, As We Like It will keep you thoroughly enraptured from start to finish.

As We Like It

Youth Event

HeteroChanneling the cinematography, colour palette and costuming of Euphoria, and the ensemble, high-school drama of Sex Education, Hetero captures the evolving queer teen American high school experience. 

Plus, join us for a special youth screening of this episodic made by Seattle queer teens – complete with a choc top and a panel discussion afterwards – all for only $10!


SweetheartWith her shaggy haircut, oversized bucket hat and orange tinted glasses, AJ is the archetypal awkward teenage lesbian. There’s nothing worse for this unimpressed youth than spending the holidays with her family in an old-fashioned holiday park in the UK. That is until she glimpses the beautiful and charismatic Isla, a lifeguard at the park. Genuine and relatable, Sweetheart is a classic tale of coming-of-age in a summer romance.


Summertime – The lives of 25 young poets in Los Angeles intersect throughout one summer day in this compelling and thought-provoking film from director Carlos López Estrada (Blindspotting). Showcasing some of the best up and coming spoken word artists in America, these diverse stories of community and identity form the heart of this compelling and thought-provoking film.


Mayfly – A classic coming-of-age, tinged with Latin American magical realism that sets this charming, heartfelt film apart. Teenager Emilia has the ability to see those close to death shine. When she meets the carefree Renata, who steadfastly commits to living in the moment, their attraction grows into sweet first love, but is it meant to be?


The First Girl I Loved – In this coming-of-age romance from Hong Kong, Ming Lee and Sylvia reconnect the night before Sylvia’s wedding to reflect on their passionate high school relationship. Dreamy and nostalgic, this is a beautiful tale of companionship, family, and first love.

The First Girl I Loved