$10 Community Screenings, supported by Allianz

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$10 Community Screenings, supported by Allianz

Queer Screen is committed to removing barriers preventing people from attending the Mardi Gras Film Festival with these $10 Community Screenings, supported by Allianz.

An older man and a younger man stand together by a tree.

The Harvest

Australian Premiere

1:45PM, Sun 25 Feb
Dendy Cinemas, Newtown

An estranged son returns home to help out his Hmong-American family after his father falls ill, but his secret threatens to unravel the family entirely. This film is a thoughtful look at the tensions between tradition and change, and the secrets we choose to keep from family.

Please note: this is a Relaxed Screening. Full price tickets also available for the Tue 27 Feb screening at Ritz Cinemas, Randwick.

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Two older people sit at a table together, smiling.

Isla’s Way

2:00PM Sat 24 Feb
Event Cinemas, George St

Isla is a rebellious, sharp-shooting octogenarian farmer who won’t be pigeonholed by anyone, while living in a small regional South Australian community. Witness her love for her girlfriend, her children and her horses in this heartwarming and hilarious documentary.

Free tickets also available for anyone 65 or older.

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A woman in a sari stands by a mirror putting an earring in.

The Queen of My Dreams

Australian Premiere

7:00PM Thu 22 Feb
Event Cinemas, Hurstville

This celebration of classic Bollywood cinema seamlessly weaves the tales of a queer Muslim student in 1990s Canada with her mother’s journey of self-discovery in 1960s Pakistan, in this moving exploration of grief and cultural identity, starring Amrit Kaur (The Sex Lives of College Girls).

Full price tickets also available for the Wed 21 Feb screening at Event Cinemas, George Street.

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A group of young people dance joyfully.

Summer Qamp

Sydney Premiere

4:30PM Sat 24 Feb
Dendy Cinemas, Newtown

At a time when LGBTIQ+ youths’ mere existence is under public debate, Summer Qamp offers an increasingly unrepresented voice a crucial spotlight, in this joyous and affirming documentary about the goings on of a queer youth summer camp.

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Two people stand with their faces close together, one smiling slightly.

Summer Solstice

Australian Premiere

6:20PM Wed 28 Feb
Ritz Cinemas, Randwick

Aspiring actor Leo struggles to find roles with the limited options offered to trans masc actors. When Leo reconnects with his old friend Eleanor, who only knew him pre-transition, they uncover old secrets and new challenges in this touching and amusing exploration of friendship through change.

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