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Summer Qamp

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LGBTIQ+ youth travel from across Canada for a blissful summer retreat, in one of the year’s most joyous documentaries.

At Camp fYrefly, queer teens get the space to escape from the personal hardships and simply be themselves in an environment of like-minded people. Director Jen Markowitz captures the powerful impact that establishing supportive spaces can have, presenting the delightfully wholesome goings on of a summer camp that bubbles with vibrant personalities. At a time when LGBTIQ+ youths’ mere existence is under public debate, Summer Qamp offers an increasingly unrepresented voice a crucial and affirming spotlight.

Content warning: contains discussions of transphobia, homophobia and self harm

Sydney Premiere

2023 Calgary International Film Festival – Winner Audience Award Canadian Documentary 

2023 Toronto International Film Festival – First Runner-up People’s Choice Award Documentary

“Refreshing and powerful … there were tears of queer joy streaming down my face.” – The Queer Review

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