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A stuntwoman finds herself falling for the enigmatic lead actress she’s doubling for whilst shooting a film, in this provocative and sexy series.

When stuntwoman Anna meets the magnetic famous actress Eve, she unlocks a part of her she’d always kept hidden. What starts as an innocent exchange of glances soon ignites into a turbulent, sensual love affair. Directed by a French feminist author and filmed with an 80% female crew, Split explores the queer female gaze and its transformative impact. Shown in its entirety, the five episode series is a daring, innovative and genre-bending unpacking of power and trauma through the feminist lens.

Content warning: contains discussions of sexual assault.

Australian Premiere

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About Split
  • Community

    Lesbian Queer
  • Director

    Iris Brey
  • Writer

    Iris Brey, Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat
  • Cast

    Alma Jodorowsky Jehnny Beth Ralph Amoussou Pauline Chalamet
  • Producer

    Fabienne Servan-Schreiber Charlotte Ortiz
  • Company Credits

    Courtesy of: Have A Good One
  • Program Strand

    Episodic Narrative Feature
  • Blurb Writer

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