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Uýra: The Rising Forest

Original language title: Uýra - A Retomada da Floresta
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Come with us on a breathtaking meditative journey through the Amazon with Uýra, an indigenous non-binary performance artist treated as an outsider on their own land.

Uýra: The Rising Forest is an inspiring documentary about self-expression and education through art, in defiance of a deeply repressive political regime within Brazil. Resisting against their marginalisation, Uýra travels across the Amazon to conduct workshops, educating locals around environmental preservation and promoting LGBTIQ+ rights with creative modes of expression. Poetically presented with lush, vibrant cinematography, Uýra allows us to experience this unique form of activism first-hand.

Sydney Premiere

  • Audience Award for Best Documentary, Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival 2022
  • Special Programming Award for Freedom, Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival 2022
  • Best Indigenous Feature & Best Native Feature, BendFilm Festival 2022

“See it because it’s brilliantly made; see it because it’s one of those rare pieces of cinema which could permanently change the way you think.”

Eye for Film

About Uýra: The Rising Forest
  • Community

    Non-Binary Queer
  • Director

    Juliana Curi
  • Cast

    Uýra Sodoma Zahy Guajajara Dona Babá
  • Producer

    João Henrique Kurtz Lívia Cheibub Martina Sönksen Uýra Sodoma
  • Company Credits

    Courtesy of: Azores Filmes
  • Program Strand

  • Blurb Writer

    William Dishon
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